Telemundo – Price Of Fame Teasers November 2017

The Price Of Fame Teasers January 2018

Hello dear telenovela series fans, this is what will be coming up on Price of Fame this November. Wednesday 1 November 2017  Gilda goes to the address printed on the matchbox, and finds that it’s an underground casino. Lorenzo asks Alexis to confess who he works for. Thursday 2 November 2017  Carmelo beats Fernando to make him talk. Alexis calls Amado and tells him that Fernando disappeared. Rafa and Manara prepare their presentation. Friday 3 November 2017  Manara decides to stop working with Rafa, and Amado is furious. Julia manages to escape her…

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“I’m Under Pressure To Marry My Late Sister’s Husband”


I have heard and read stories about young women being asked to marry their late sister’s husband for one reason or the other but, I never anticipated it would happen to me. I am the second girl and last child of my family. My elder sister, Eunice, met and got married to Andrew, her husband, when I was just in Junior Secondary School (JSS) 3. She is eight years older than me. Six years after marriage, there was no child. They did a series of test, but they were both…

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Telemundo – Woman Of Steel 2 Teasers November 2017

Woman Of Steel 2 Teasers December 2017

Hello dear telenovela series fans,this is what will be coming up on Woman Of Steel 2 this November. Wednesday 1 November 2017  Sara forbids Salvador from seeing Begoña again. Pepito tells his mother that the prosecutor will soon discover their links to drug trafficking. Thursday 2 November 2017  Begoña suggests to Salvador that they run away together, but Salvador declines. The police arrive at Aracely’s modelling agency. Friday 3 November 2017  Sara tells Mario that she doesn’t trust anyone, not even the prosecutor’s daughter. Manuel finds out that he is going to have a…

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Try These 5 Tips Before Giving Up On Your Relationship

Giving up

No doubt, every relationship has its ups and downs, but, when the downs outweigh the ups, it’s time to sit down and ponder if you still want to be in that relationship or quietly go your separate ways. But, again what if you walk away from this relationship and also find yourself in the same situation in your next relationship, will you also take a walk? So, before you think of giving up on a relationship for any reason, here are 5 things to consider. Ask Yourself What The Actual…

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Telemundo – Dangerous Affairs Teasers November 2017

Dangerous Affairs Teasers November 2017

Hello dear telenovela series fans, this is what will be coming up on Dangerous Affairs  this November. The series comes to an end on Monday, November 13. It will be replaced with a new telenovela, La Fan. Wednesday 1 November 2018  The police prevent the plane Miranda and Mauricio are travelling on from taking off. Patty begs Augusto to help Miranda. Thursday 2 November 2018  Orlando informs Juan Pablo and Lawyer Cortes that he will be Miranda’s defence lawyer. Juan Pablo goes to visit Miranda. Friday 3 November 2018  Julia is arrested on charges…

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Pearl Awards Governing Board Releases List Of Award Nominees

PEARL awards

The Governing Board and Secretariat of PEARL Awards Nigeria, this week released the full list of nominees for the forthcoming award nite event at Eko Hotel in Lagos. The 2017 PEARL Awards which is scheduled to hold on Sunday, November 26, at Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos has as theme, “Winning with Tenacity”. This according to Mr. Tayo Orekoya the President and CEO of Pearl Awards NIGERIA, is in realization of the need to recognize and reward companies that, in spite of the challenges in the operating environment, local & global economies, have…

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 Trendy Ways To Step Out In Charming Green

Step out

Green is the latest colour trend style influencers are stepping out in the colour. The colour comes in different lovely shades. Designers make lovely green outfits ranging from evening gown, dress, jumpsuit, skirt and more. The colour is cool and flattering. Not to add that there are various inspiring ways you can wear this lovely colour, step out in style and be a head-turner. Green comes in various types shades and fabric, hence, you can conveniently pick the shade that complements your complexion. Depending on the event you are attending,…

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GT Food Talk: Masa Recipe


Masa is a slightly fermented rice delicacy from Northern Nigeria. It is similar to pan fried rice cake. To prepare this recipe, you should use local rice, however, if you cannot get any, then, use your normal rice. Traditionally, Masa is usually made into an oval shape. Ingredients 5 cups raw rice 5 tablespoons cooked rice 5 teaspoons active dry yeast 4 tablespoons sugar 2 cups water at room temperature 1/4 teaspoon ground akaun (cooking potash) ½ teaspoon salt   Direction Soak the raw rice in 5 cups of water overnight…

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