5 Fashionable Ways To Cover A Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day

Having a bad hair day? Well, you should know that bad hair days are a part of life, therefore you cannot avoid it.

So, how can you quickly cover a bad a hair day, especially, when you have a short time to get ready for the office or that important event and cannot run to your stylist to fix your hair?

You should know that tricks for covering a bad hair day could range from totally covering your hair to various styling tips. So, here are some fashionable ways to help you conceal a bad hair day.

 Wear a pre-styled wig

One of the tricks to cover a bad a hair is to wear a pre-styled wig. There are lots of stunning pre-styled wigs you can select from. They come in different lengths, styles and colours to choose from. So why not shop for one, two or more to have different striking looks.

 Rock Braided wigs

These days we see many ladies rocking braided wigs to cover a bad hair day. These braided wigs are easy and comfortable to wear. They also give a chic look. Choose the colour and length that you are most comfortable with.

 Opt for turbans

If you are not a fan of pre-styled wig or braided wigs, then, turban is your best bet. Turban comes in various attractive colours and styles. Depending on the event you are attending, you could opt for plain, beaded or stoned turban that complements your outfit. Gone are the days when women tied turban to church and other religious functions only.

 Scarf it

Donning a colourful headscarf is also a quick fix for a bad hair day. For a chic look, opt for a headscarf styled as a headband or a scarf you could wrap over your head.

Hair accessories

You should cover a bad hair day by adding gorgeous accessories to your hair. No matter how bad your hair looks, there is a wide range of hair accessories you can use to make your hair look well put together. You could opt for bobby pins, hair jewellery, headbands, fashionable hair pin, hair band, clips and stretch comb which is making a comeback.

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