5 Life Lessons From Kannywood Actress Rahama Sadau

Do you remember pretty actress Rahama Sadau? She was the actress banned from the Hausa film industry known as Kannywood, by the Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) on Sunday, October 2, 2016.

According to MOPPAN, her ‘sin’ was an “offensive hug” in her appearance in an Hausa music video alongside a Jos based popular pop star, ClassiQ.
Rahama Sadau claimed not to know any other person who had been banned in Kannywood, except herself.
MOPPAN argued that the “hugging and cuddling” in the video was in violation of the code of ethics known to all Hausa movie practitioners.
As soon as the news of her ban went viral on the internet, many Nollywood producers expressed their willingness to feature the embattled actress. On October 8, 2016, she was reported to be featuring in a movie series on EbonyLife TV and on October 15, 2016, she confirmed on her Twitter handle that she had been invited to Hollywood by Akon and Jeta Amata.

Life Lessons:
1.Some doors close for new and great opportunities to be ushered in.
2. Challenges in career are indicators that greater opportunities await you after the storm.
3. When they ‘believe’ and ‘say’ you have erred, please go ahead and state your case.
4.There is gold in whatever career you have chosen, learn to find where your goldmine is.
5. No trial, no testimonies. Sail through trials and believe the best would come out of your experience.


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