5 Ways To Get Ready In The Morning Faster

Morning is the most the most difficult time of the day to get ready fast. How to do everything and do not be late? With these tips shared our friends from https://bridesbay.com


Arrange the time when every member of your family will get up at. Advise them to set their alarm clock so. For instance, the difference may be about 5 minutes. This will save your apartment from morning “traffics”. While the father is taking shower, the daughter is looking for what to wear, and the son is starting his breakfast. The first member to get up may get some benefits for that: to watch a cartoon, for example. Another way to make things work fair is to have a schedule so that one and the same person is getting up at a different time the different day. Besides, if the one who wakes up first turns on a kettle and turns some music on, the whole family appreciates that.


Do not use harsh or unpleasant tones for alarms, most children, as well as adults, take them badly in the morning. As a result, the mood will be spoiled and the morning routine tightened. First of all, choose the mode with a gradually rising volume, and secondly, choose a gentle and calm composition. For example, the sounds of nature: wood, waves, rain, or birds chirping, or even a “white noise”. The calm mood will help you to feel how the energy returns. It is also better not to turn on the bright lights immediately. Start your day with the floor lamps, or table lamps, or the ones you may regulate.


Stay calm even if it is not easy in the morning bustle. But the more you hurry each other up, the worse will be the mood. Do spend these precious minutes on conflicts and disassembly, as it will only slow down the process. Agree that all claims, you can present each other in the evening (write them down, not to forget), but not in the morning.


Do in the evening all the possible stuff, like cooking or choosing what to wear. It is also better put on chair clothes for children in a correct order so that they can wear everything on their own and fast. Pack cases and bags in the evening. Put cups and plates on the table. You may even prepare tea bags or coffee. Multicooker here is a perfect solution. It will cook porridge for you or make cottage cheese casserole by the time you wake up.


Organize a small place (somewhere near the front door) which will serve as a “control panel”. It can be a locker or a shelf. This is where you will put in the evening all the needed stuff for tomorrow. It will help you to keep in mind such necessary things as documents, bags with sportswear, necessary textbooks. Hang a poster on the door, where, depending on the time of year, you will write two or three most important point. Write what exactly should not forget your kid to take. For example, phone, keys, or gloves.


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