7 Causes Of Marriage Breakup

Marriage Breakup

When couples first start dating, they may overlook their differences, but once a relationship becomes long-term and the couple falls out of the honeymooner stage, these differences can become disastrous. The root cause of a breakup of a marriage is the selfishness that erupts in the heart of one or both partners; the love factor which was in the relationship diminishes over a period of time. Here are the causes of breakup in a marriage

1. Attraction towards another of the opposite gender: This happens because of one spouse does not give time enough to his/her partner. Communication gap, in words or physically, may develop between the two which, as it widens, paves the way for attraction of one spouse/partner towards another person of the opposite gender.

2. Physical and/or mental abuse: This is one of the major factors which finally bring about a breakup of a marriage. This is caused by the sadistic attitude of one of the partners which was kept covered up before a marriage. The spouse who gets the brunt of it is kept under control, and is intimidated and manipulated. There is less chance for such a marriage to continue for long.

3. Jealously in a relationship: Jealousy can cause great devastations in a relationship/marriage. A man or even the woman may feel that s/he is getting less attention than s/he ought to get which s/he discovers is being filtered out to someone else, even an in-law in a marriage; it can trigger a breakup in a relationship

4. Cheating and Infidelity: When a spouse begins to get attracted towards an unmarried person or one who is married, intimate relationships between the two develop and deepen and if the developing intimacy is not noticed by anyone, it may end up in infidelity. This may go one for a long time till it is discovered causing devastation to the marriage/s and breakups.

5. Repeated lying:spouse or a partner may habitually tell lies to his/her spouse/partner. In such cases, the right picture is never clear to the other spouse/partner. A constant attitude of lying can throw a relationship or a marriage into jeopardy and finally brings about a breakup.

6. Repeated comparison of one’s partner with another man or woman: One partner may constantly compare his/her spouse/partner with others simply belittling them, trying to tell them that their lifestyle is not of a calibre which s/he desires. The targeted spouse/partner generally ends up developing an inferiority complex; s/he tries to match up to the standards of their partner to maintain peace and keep the relationship/marriage intact but it is of little use and it ends up in a breakup.

7. Love for money more than love for the partner: A partner may love money so much that he never has enough to spare so as to share out with his/her partner. For couples before marriage, only one partner may be paying for all outings they have together or purchases made together so that the financial burden even in petty matters is not shared.



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