Are You A High Heels Freak? Find Out What Your Heels Say About You

Can your personality be defined by the fashion choices you make? Of course, the answer is yes. It is true that the fashion choices you make in life do not only define your style, it also defines who we are.

So the big question is “Which kind of heels do you identify yourself with most”? It is said that a woman’s confidence level, personality type and her individual branding are the three basic things to learn about a woman from the type of shoes she wears. How true is this?

This piece will help you understand yourself in terms of the kind of shoes that you love to wear whether you are casually or elegantly dressed!


Women, who are always seen in stilettos, are fashion forward, self-confident and sassy. Their hairstyle, nails and make-up are always impeccable. They are confident in their own skin and tell a story with their fashion.



You are seen as a powerful woman and a decision maker.  Your fashion may seem boring to others, but you don’t care because you switch it up for social engagements. You are serious about life, your goals and have strong opinions.



You can’t wait for the weekend to start to enjoy socializing with friends and even strangers.  You enjoy rounding up your friends for a night out. You love social media, and no one can take you off it.


Ankle Straps

You are a woman who loves showing off your legs. For you, showing off your legs in heels is appealing to you. However, you must also give your toes the same amount of attention as your legs with good-looking and striking polish. Women who love ankle strap are strong-willed and passionate.

Ankle strap


You are feminine and enjoy the comfort of shorter heels. You care to be on top of fashion, as long as it matches with your personal style. Basically, you have tried taller heels in the past, and they simply don’t do it for you anymore so you decided to opt for this heel type.



You are a fun person who enjoys fashion and the flexibility of dressing up exactly the way you feel that day. You don’t like to feel too snug in your clothes, but you can put together a trendy ensemble on any day or time and look stunning.  You are a busy woman with an agenda, yet you enjoy relaxation as well.  You are intellectual, decisive, and a forward thinker.



You are described as a sophisticated and classic woman.  You take pleasure in high-end fashion. You’re openly opinionated, and if you’re not careful, you can hurt the feelings of the people you love dearly.



You are a woman who likes to go with the flow. You are always in a hurry so you don’t like to follow schedule or rigid rules. You like to do what you please and sometimes without caring about what others think. But in all these, you must learn to pamper your feet.


So, I believe you now know what the kind of heels you wear say about you!


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