Can I Ever Forgive My Mother For Misleading Me? (2)

This is the concluding part of the intriguing story of how Prisca’s mother deceived her into making a decision that ruined her life.

We kept communicating over the phone and two weeks later, Victor came over and took me and my mother to his place. The compound was well decorated with beautiful flowers and the building is a bungalow of five rooms. The kitchen was sparkling and neat. In fact it was tiled wall to wall. The sitting room is like a football pitch, very spacious and well furnished. I started dreaming of the day he would propose marriage to me. Then, my mother whispered into my ears, “This is the kind of man you should marry. If his house is this enormous, just wonder how enormous his pocket will be? My daughter, hold him with everything you have please and make your sisters regret for not heeding to my advice.”

Victor spoilt me silly with gifts and money. Four months later, my dream came true. He asked me to marry him which I expressly accepted. When I told my mother, she almost screamed her throat out in excitement. Three weeks after he proposed, he informed my mother that his parents and siblings would be coming back to Nigeria in three months’ time and our marriage plans would commence.

He kept visiting and calling me until about three weeks ago when he suddenly stopped all forms of communication. Whenever I called, he would tell me he is too busy but would promise to call or visit which he ends up not doing. I got really worried and some days ago, I decided to pay him a surprise visit.

When I got there, I noticed that the gateman was new. I told him I wanted to see Victor, the owner of the house and he said, “Madam, you mean Victor the house help?” I said no but insisted he calls the owner of the house which he gladly did but leaving me outside to wait. To my utmost shock, a huge tall man came out with the gateman and told me he was the owner of the house. Shocked to my bones, I said, “No, Victor is the one who lives here. Maybe you are his brother.” He then explained to me that Victor is their house help. “He is our house help. We left him in care of the house when the whole family travelled out of the country for six months. We only returned about three weeks ago.”

I thought it was all a dream. Unaware of my presence, Victor in tattered short and T-shirt came to the gate to inform his employer that he has a phone call, actually looking like the house help that he is. The last thing I remembered was that I screamed.

Later, my mother told me she went to confront him on why he played such an expensive joke on us and to her amazement he said, “I heard you want your children to marry very wealthy men so I had to pose as one when my employers travelled. I am just a common house help if you must know.”

While my sisters were pleading with me to forget about the harrowing experience and move on with my life, the doctor announced to us that I am three weeks pregnant. Tears flowed freely from my eyes and I told my mother, “You pushed me into this mess. I did not only date a house help all in the name of ‘you want me to marry a wealthy man’, I am also pregnant with his baby. I will never forgive you.” Unknown to me and my family, when Victor’s employers found out about how he deceived me using their wealth, they fired him. So when I went back to inform him about the pregnancy, I was told he no longer works there. In fact I was informed he might have gone back to his village because he already has a wife and a son.

I cried and told everyone I wanted to have an abortion but they pleaded with me to keep the pregnancy. My sisters promised to take care of me and all my needs. They told me what happened should be an eye opener for me. After much though, I decided to keep the pregnancy. But what I didn’t tell them was that I was going to give the child up for adoption after delivery.

I and my mother lived in the same house all through my pregnancy but like sworn enemies. Even though she apologised several times and also promised not to interfere in my life again, I couldn’t just bring myself to forgive her for ruining my life.

I gave birth two weeks ago to a beautiful baby girl. When I held my beautiful cute daughter in my hands, I immediately had a change of heart. I will not be giving up my daughter for adoption any more. I have come to love and adore her. And I have decided to name her Victoria. And my sisters treasure her so much. They also made sure, we lacked nothing. Victoria makes me forget my pain and the hatred I feel for her father, however, will I be able to forgive my mother? My sisters are all happy in their marriages even though they never got married to ‘wealthy’ men.

I know my mother is trying everything possible to ensure I forgive her for misleading me, but, can I ever forgive her? I don’t know but I guess time will tell. Will I also be able to trust any man and fall in love in the future as well? I guess time will tell as well. For now, my baby is my priority. Ladies, please follow your heart when it comes to matters of the heart and not the material things you see, it could sometimes be deceiving. I learnt my lesson the hard way. Be careful!

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