Jumia Releases Infographic On Africa’s Top Dishes

African dishes are as colourful and diverse as the continent itself. Little wonder, many foreigners have chosen the continent as their choice destination for food tourism (culinary tourism). Nigeria’s leading online travel agency Jumia Travel & no.1 online food ordering platform Jumia Food have identified 12 top dishes within the continent of Africa. So, whatever your purpose of traveling is, make it your goal to experience any of these dishes. From Nigeria’s ‘Ofada rice’ which is best enjoyed with sauce and plantain, to Ghana’s ‘Waakye’ which is a rice &…

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7 Popular Swallows Eaten By Nigerians

Culinary Tourism

A popular traditional food in Nigeria is Swallow. It is so described because rather than chewing it, you have to swallow. So, Swallow is a Nigerian food eaten with different kinds of soup. To truly enjoy swallow, you should use your hands to eat it. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No.1 food ordering platform, highlight 7 popular swallows eaten by Nigerians. Eba Garri which is used to make Eba is made from grated cassava. Eba is rich in carbohydrates and it comes in two colours-yellow and white. While the yellow one is popular among the Igbos, the…

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4 Useful Hacks To Fix Over Salted Food

Over salted

When cooking we sometimes make the mistake of over-salting our meals but this does not mean that the food is ruined as there are still ways to fix an over-salted meal. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no. 1 online food ordering platform, shares 4 useful hacks to fix food that’s too salty. Dilute With Water When making foods that can be diluted like rice or when making soups, stews or sauces, you can add some extra water, stock, tomato sauce or juice to give the salt more volume which helps to spread…

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GT Food Talk: Masa Recipe


Masa is a slightly fermented rice delicacy from Northern Nigeria. It is similar to pan fried rice cake. To prepare this recipe, you should use local rice, however, if you cannot get any, then, use your normal rice. Traditionally, Masa is usually made into an oval shape. Ingredients 5 cups raw rice 5 tablespoons cooked rice 5 teaspoons active dry yeast 4 tablespoons sugar 2 cups water at room temperature 1/4 teaspoon ground akaun (cooking potash) ½ teaspoon salt   Direction Soak the raw rice in 5 cups of water overnight…

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5 Top Spots For The Best Indian Food in Nigeria

Indian foood

Hungry for some Indian food? Visit some of these top spots to whet your appetite for fine Indian cuisine. Jumia Food, Africa’s leading food ordering app, shares 5 top spots in Nigeria for the best Indian food. Spice Route This is a great restaurant to get some of the best indian food ever made. It’s a  great place to have authentic Indian cuisines while relaxing and enjoying nice and soothing music. It has really nice decor and is a great place to hangout with friends to enjoy a decent and…

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5 Best Spots To Get The Tastiest Shawarma In Lagos


Although originally an Arabian snack, many Nigerians have wholeheartedly embraced shawarma and made it their own. There is now Nigerian shawarma! In Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre, shawarma is sold nearly everywhere from street vendors to eateries and supermarkets. This seeming proliferation of shawarma spots has, to a very large extent, lowered its quality because every tom, dick and harry seem to make the snack. Therefore, lovers of the snack are constantly scouting for best places to get the tastiest shawarma in Lagos. Scout no more as Jumia Food recommends 5 spots…

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5 Delicious Dishes From Across Africa

African dishes

When travelling Africa, you do not need to worry about what to eat as the continent offers a potpourri of delicious foods. This should not be a surprise considering Africa’s colourful cultural heritage which has influenced what we eat for decades. As such, Jumia Food shares some of the delicious and popular foods you must try in Africa. Nyama Choma, Kenya Kenya is a popular African travel destination and one of the foods you must not miss on a visit to the country is Nyama Choma (roasted meat). Kenyans love…

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GT Food Talk: How To Make Banana Ice Cream At Home

Ice cream

When it comes to ice cream, both adults and children enjoy it even though there may be difference in preference in terms of flavour and colour. Instead of rushing out to buy ice cream for the children whenever they request for it during this Ed-el-kabir holiday why not make it for them yourself at home. You can make different flavours for them to add zing to the holiday.  Ingredients 2-3 ripe but firm bananas 1 tin peak milk 2 small cups whole milk or soya milk 3 drops vanilla extract…

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GT Food Talk: Matse Shares Her Mixed Seafood Fried Rice Recipe

Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of the most popular and favourite rice recipes in Nigeria.  And many people enjoy eating fried rice especially when it contains various interesting ingredients that makes it look attractive and yummy! In making Fried Rice, never ignore the use of meat stock… good meat stock makes a huge difference. INGREDIENTS 4 cups rice. 1 pack mixed seafood.( it consisted of Shrimps, Calamari, Fish flesh. 2 cups meat stock. 1- 2 teaspoon @matsecooksseasoningsFried rice spice. 1 teaspoon @matsecooksseasoningsEverything Spice. 1 tablespoon garlic powder. 1 teaspoon white pepper. 1 teaspoon black…

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Top Five Tasty Nigerian Soups For Tourists

Nigerian soups

Soups are very important in Nigeria as they are usually served alongside swallows like Eba, Amala, Fufu, and Semo. In Nigeria, we have an uncountable number of delicious soups. In fact, as a tourist, you are spoilt for choices. As such, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares top 5 tasty Nigerian soups for tourists. Edikang Ikong Edikang Ikong soup is native to the people from Akwa Ibom and Cross River states. It is prepared with a lot of pumpkin leaves, water leaves and assorted meat as well as beef. It is quite…

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