Man Who Sold His Mother’s Car Years Ago Surprises Her With Brand New Car


A young man identified as Dan Ladi took to his Facebook page to appreciate his mother after buying her a brand new car. According to Dan Ladi, he recalled selling his mother’s car some years back when he was desperate to leave and find a greener pasture. Today, he is showing his appreciation with this brand new car for all his loving mother has done for him over the years Read what he wrote: Some years ago i sold your car out of desperation and made away with the money in…

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“I’ve Heard Many No’s” Read Inspiring Story Of A Nigerian Who Just Graduated From Medical School In U.S.

Inspiring story

HR professional, brand and business strategist, Wale Tejumade, took to Instagram to share this inspiring story of a Nigerian lady who just qualified as  a medical doctor in America despite hearing many ‘no’s’ in her journey to become a medical doctor and fulfill her dreams. “My First ‘No’: I’ve been waiting 14 years to share this story. Please take the time to read At 31 years of age, today marks the completion of: 1. Four years of a medical magnet school 2. Four years as a Neuroscience Major (B.S.) 3.…

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Couple Married For 53 Years, Share Inspiring Story!


It was 1961. I was a 22 year old boy in England. She came to visit me with her friend. (Her friend was my friend’s girlfriend.) They were both studying nursing outside London. That was the first time I saw her – August 1961. I met her again in February 1962. We started talking. She and her friend were to take their nursing exams sometime in March. I remember I said to her, “Look if both of you pass your exams, I’ll take you to the pictures (movies)”, which was…

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Popular Blogger Olu Famous Turns Full Time Pastor, Shares True Life Story

Pastor Olu Famous

Popular blogger, Olu Famous of Olu Famous Blog has shared with his readers his life’s true story of how God has called him, despite having a failed marriage and life-threatening past.   Read the story below with the headline Olu Famous Shares His True Life Story My dear brothers and sisters, It is with a spirit overwhelmed with gratitude, a heart filled with joy unspeakable that I write this turning point note to you my readers and the general public. The Ancient of Days and The King of all kings who created the Heavens,…

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Inspiring! Nigerian Mother Of Two Who Walked Out Of An Abusive Marriage Gets Hooked To A Hot Single Never-Been-Married Igbo Man

These kind of stories need to be told so women in abusive marriages know they can walk out and still live a beautiful life.  Facebook user, Aishatu Ella John shared this amazing story of her friend, Noma Oma Patrick, who just got married to a single never-been-married hot dude. Nora was married for some years, had two children, suffered emotional and physical abusive, had the courage to walk out and got married to a single fine man last December. Read what Aishatu wrote below: When Nora Oma Patrick told me…

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“He Forgot About You. Remember That” Writes Tonto Dikeh

Actress and mother of one, Tonto Dikeh wrote this long post which she titled, “He forgot about you, remember that.” This is what she wrote: “HE FORGOT ABOUT YOU.REMEMBER THAT!!! I’m not sure why but we all do it. Many beings waste years of their lives, chasing after people they can’t have, or lifestyles that aren’t sustainable, for reasons we don’t know. You can’t have a person, either they will f*ck with you, or they won’t. Nobody is out of your league, they just don’t want you in their life.…

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Want A Beautiful Friendship? Become A Good Friend With These Tips

In life, the importance of having good friends cannot be overemphasized. True friends are always there for you – in good and bad times. You may have lots of friends, but how many of them can you point out as true friend(s) among them? Here are some ingredients on how to become a good friend and also maintain a beautiful friendship. Don’t envy your friends True friends always look forward to the success and happiness of one another. They are never envious when their friends make headway in life. They…

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10 Things You Should Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

Problems, problems, problems! Some days, when it seems that nothing will go right, it’s easy to become discouraged and to give up, but that’s just the time you need to take a deep breath, brush yourself down and just carry on. When nothing at all seems to be going your way, here are ten things to remember, to help you get back on your feet. 1. Something good will probably come out of this It may not seem like it, right now, but something good may well come out of…

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Arab Woman Places An Advert To Thank Her African Nanny For the Love and Support She Gave to Her Son

For a long time, African domestic workers in the Middle East been subjected to slavery and cruelty by their employers. We often hear and see heartbreaking and horrifying stories of ladies being raped, beaten and subjected to all beastly acts in the Middle East countries as they seek to make a living and help their families back home. But one Arab woman from Qatar, has warmed up the hearts of Africans, especially Kenyans and indeed the world by buying a newspaper advertising space and appreciated her Kenyan nanny as her two…

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Cancer Affected My Breasts, Not My Self-Esteem – BoldAndBreastless Founder

This is an inspiring piece. She is bold and breast less but it didn’t stop her from finding love and living a normal life like other women. She is a survivor of breast cancer and although, she had both breast removed, she is thankful for life,  And she looks beautiful regardless. “I’m posting my pic again to show other ladies without breasts, that it’s really okay to be BREASTLESS!! I meet so many ladies that have a hard time dealing with the fact that they had to get their breasts…

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