D’Lyte Releases Sexy Photos In Anticipation Of New Single

Sassy, sexy and pretty singer, D’Lyte has released sexy pictures in anticipation of her new single titled, “Ibadi” which will be released on her birthday, Friday, November 20.

Excitedly talking about herself, the fair hued singer said, “Look beyond my sexiness and you will see that greatness lies in me. Every woman is sexy, as for me, D’lyte, I don’t think it’s only the smoothness and the blessedness in quote, of a woman that makes her sexy.

There are other attributes which makes a woman complete like her attitude and aura. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you admiring me but I must not just be seen as a sex figure or sex goddess. It takes only a complete woman to display integrity, talent, humility and more.


I choose to stay beautiful at all times, whether I’m at home or out. I love creativity and that is my style, my strongest point. I love to be different with my fashion sense, my pictures and even my kind of songs. I have not even started dishing out what I have on the inside of me.”

She added that, “I am a very creative person, unique in every sense and whatever I come in touch with becomes beautiful. My friends call me BBT which means Beauty (in and out) Brains plus Talent. I love God because He is my Father, the one who do not seek permission from anyone before He blesses me.”

Her other singles include, Every part of me, Super Woman and Be strong.

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