Dreams Prevail Where Love Fails In ‘Lies Of The Heart’ On Zee World This July

Lies Of The Heart Teasers February 2018

A new drama series, Lies of the Heart, which replaces  King of Hearts ends on Zee World on Wednesday, July 12. And the series begins immediately on Thursday, July 13.

Lies of the heart drama series follows the story of Urmi, a courageous young woman who thinks her dreams are fulfilled when her marriage to Samrat is arranged.

However, on her wedding night, she discovers that she’s married to a monster when she discovers that Samrat is an arrogant, chauvinistic and abusive husband.

To reclaim her dignity and freedom from her ruthless husband and indifferent in-laws, Urmi fights back to prove that dreams prevail where love fails in the 249 episode series.

Lies of the Heart will air Monday to Friday at 21h00.

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