GT Food Talk: How To Pound Yam For Beginners

Hello Foodaholics,

I have been meaning to do this “How to Video…” for some time now, so you couldn’t imagine my excitement when the opportunity showed up.

Some of us love pounded yam but save for the stress of putting it together in one piece without the usual failures of “koko” seeds or it will not being smooth to the touch and also the elasticity.

For a Beginner, there are a few tips you can use, apart from the fact that you must be sure of your energy level, you can start by choosing a good pound-able Yam, Not all yams are pound-able like water yam, you must also avoid pounding the head of the yam if you are a beginner because then you will have to exert more energy.

Avoid allowing the yam soak in the boiling water, then do not attack the Yam with all your strength at first, its not as if you are pounding the head of Satan. Take tactical and precise hits on the yam, with the aim of breaking down the yam till its fine before you begin to pound for elasticity.

Just enjoy this video…. and yes, prepare to sweat! But in all, it’s always worth the sweat when you begin to step it down with a very good soup.

Love ya!


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