It Hurts So Bad! Lindsay Lohan Undergoes Surgery After Losing Half Her Finger in Boat Anchor Accident

Yesterday, Sunday,Oct.2 while boating, actress, Linday Lohan lost half of her finger while wrangling with the boat’s anchor and had to undergo surgery to fix it.

According to TMZ, she was pulled into the water after being entangled in the anchor’s rope and while trying to free herself, half of her left-hand ring finger was sliced off.

After the incident, she tweeted, “This is why I shouldn’t try to help get the rope to anchor the boat. I lost half of my finger.”

Later, Lohan posted on Snapchat that they were able to find the finger piece and have a surgeon reattached it.

“I almost lost my finger from the anchor. Well, I lost half my finger, thank goodness we found the piece of my finger…i just had surgery to fix it,” she captioned a shot on Snapchat of her bandaged-up digit. “It hurts so bad.”

See photo of her finger all bandaged up  in the photo insert.


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