Men’s Fashion For 2018: What To Expect?

Men's Fashion

Fashion is always unexpected when you look at the big picture. Still, annual fashion trends are truly intriguing since you can generally notice the rise in popularity of certain styles in such a specific time frame. Of course, 2018 will still put a strong emphasis on individuality before anything else.

If you’re interested in learning more about the expected men’s fashion trends for the following year, keep on reading, but also stay tuned for anything truly unexpected that may pop up along the way.

Color blocking

Color blocking is nothing new when women’s fashion is concerned. However, this particular trend hasn’t been that popular in men’s fashion – until now. Bright pops of color, and especially pops of color that block each other are gradually gaining in popularity in men’s fashion as well. As you can see from the stores and runways, the varied color palette is definitely going to dominate the styles of fashionable gents.

Athletic wear and sports team look

There’s little surprise in athletic wear staying a popular choice for both men and women in 2018. What’s more, the rise in popularity of this trend encouraged various sports brands to come up with clothing pieces that, although athletic and comfy, still feel elegant and personal in a way. As a continuation of this trend, we can expect the sports team fashion look. Aside from rocking athleisure, men who like to stay on trend as well as support their favorite teams will be able to do so in a very fashionable manner.

All white/black

Even though 2018 is definitely going to be full of colors and fun patterns, those of you who don’t particularly enjoy that kind of style also have to look forward to all black and/or all white outfits. Black is a timeless color when it comes to fashion, but going all black is definitely a bit more daring and edgy. What’s more, going all white in your outfit combinations is even edgier than black. This look is very sharp and striking, yet simple, elegant and fuss-free.

Patterned suits

A nice suit will always be on the list of the most popular men’s fashion trends. However, that doesn’t mean that suit trends don’t change at all. As one can see from exquisitely tailored suits in Melbourne fashion scene, aside from amazing fit, men are also opting for suits with interesting patterns as well as loose tailoring. With that amount of freedom and individuality, suiting up has never been so anticipated and appreciated.

Fanny packs and cross-body bags

The hype around backpacks has yet to diminish, but the new trend on the horizon when it comes to men’s bags are definitely cross-body bags and fanny packs. Not everyone is a fan of these, but thanks to the interesting designs that are expected for 2018, it won’t be strange to see many people changing their mind about them. Not to mention the practicality and usefulness of these types of bags.

Fedora hats

It seems that the fedora hat image is about to step into the beanie look place on the men’s fashion trend list for 2018. And rightfully so! Fedora looks very elegant and is a perfect addition to various outfits. Still, it also gives an extra dose of masculinity, romanticism and mystery to the one wearing it. This is definitely a vibe you want to go with in the following year if you want to stay stylish yet tough in a gentlemanly manner.

The most important thing about fashion trends is to choose which one(s) you want to follow based on what you personally like. Never feel pressured into wearing something you feel uncomfortable in. That discomfort will translate to your posture and attitude, and it won’t result in a flattering look. Stay true to your personal style and enrich it in a way that you can make your own.


Peter Minkoff is a guest writer.

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