New Telenovela! Manuel & Silvana Premieres On Telemundo In October

A brand new and entertaining telenovela is coming to DStv Channel 118 and GOtv channel 14 in October. The drama series, Manuel and Silvana (Silvana sin lana) will be premiering on Monday, October 3.

The two main characters in the series who will be entertaining Telemundo channel viewers is the man women love to hate, Carlos Ponce and the woman whose acting skills is flawless and also keep fans yearning for more, Maritza Rodríguez

Manuel and Silvana is an American telenovela that tells the story of Manuel (Carlos Ponce) and Silvana (Maritza Rodríguez), two totally different people from different walks of life.

Silvana also known as “Chivis” is a gorgeous and wealthy woman who enjoyed all the luxuries of life with her three daughters until she was abandoned and left with nothing by her wealthy husband. Hence, she had to move to a middle class neighbourhood to rebuild her life.

Silvana, her daughters and mother moved into an apartment next-door to Manuel’s, a widower who works hard to support his four children. Manuel is a distributor of seafood who does not support the people of high social class. It’s his hard-working attitude that led to his strong dislike for the upper class. Meanwhile, Silvana needs to learn to cope in a world very different from the one she’s become familiar with.


Will Manuel be able to put aside his prejudices toward the rich and accept Silvana? Will Silvana be able to cope in this neighbourhood, especially with her next-door neighbour, Manuel? Will Manuel open his heart to love again after he vowed not to fall in love again? Will the two do their utmost not to disrupt the balance of their hearts and surrender to the love they feel, coming from two different worlds? Only time will tell.

Manuel & Silvana will be replacing “A passion for revenge.” You should keep your finger crossed as you look forward to this captivating drama series, which will be airing Monday through Friday at 6:00pm CAT from October, 3 on Telemundo DStv Channel 118 and GOtv channel 14.

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