Clarion Chukwurah’s Ex-Husband, Tunde Abiola Dies

clarion Chukwurah loses first husband, Tunde Abiola

Veteran Nollywood actress, Clarion Chukwura‘s ex-official husband, Tunde Abiola is dead. Mr. Tunde Abiola, a Lagos based socialite, whose two years marriage to the actress crashed 10 years ago, reportedly died in a mysterious circumstance after he allegedly had a tussle with one of the wives of his late elder brother and business mogul, Chief MKO Abiola over the latter’s Ikeja, Lagos property.    

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Telemundo – Iron Rose Teasers June 2017

Iron Rose 1

Hello dear telenovela series fans, this is what will be coming up on Iron Rose this June. Thursday 1 June 2017  Yesenia tells Altagracia the news about her daughter. Isabela and Diego tell Emiliano about their plan to pretend to date each other. Friday 2 June 2017  Saul corners Altagracia and asks for an explanation for why she visited Miguel Preciado right before his disappearance. Yesenia looks for Felipe. Monday 5 June 2017  Regina poses as Yesenia’s client in order to meet Monica. Altagracia visits Saul and tells him about her past, but doesn’t…

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Telemundo – The Son I Never Knew Teasers June 2017

The son I never knew

Hello dear telenovela series fans, this is what will be coming up on The Son I Never Knew this June. Thursday 1 June 2017  Hans goes to meet the Red Lion and, crying, asks him for one more day to live. Gutierrez confirms Antonio’s death as a suicide. Friday 2 June 2017  Susy puts a gun to Denisse’s head, and demands to know where they are keeping Sonia and Fanny. Manuel is drugged and kidnapped at Connie’s funeral. Monday 5 June 2017  Hans accidentally shoots and wounds Denisse. Olivera asks Denisse to tell…

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Telemundo – Maid In Manhattan Teasers June 2017


Hello Telenovela series fans, this is what will be coming up on Maid in Manhattan this June. Thursday 1 June 2017  Sara tells Marisa to stop disrupting Cristobal’s life. Frank and Marisa kiss, and he tells her his feelings. Lucas accepts a job offer. Friday 2 June 2017  Victor talks to Tomas about enrolling in the police academy. Marisa, intending to congratulate Cristobal, sees him kissing Sara. Monday 5 June 2017  Sara makes sure Marisa will find out that Cristobal spent the night with her. Estanislao and Derek plan their escape. Tuesday 6…

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Francis Duru, Cynthia Agholor, Cossy Orjiakor, Others Star In ‘Diplomatic Strings’

Francis Duru, Cossy and Cynthia Agholor

A new movie titled Diplomatic Strings that stands against human trafficking, full of intrigues, hatred, deceit, romance and above all comedy for your ultimate relaxation from the stable of Ehizoya Golden Entertainment is set to hit the cinemas across Africa, Europe and America in August. The movie which is shot in choice locations in Frankfurt Germany and Nigeria tells the story of Adams, a zealous hardworking man who stands for what is right. He is in love with a super-rich lady Sharon, who chooses the illegitimate business as her only…

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5 Reasons Why Nigerians Love Ramadan


For the next 29 or 30 days, Muslim faithful in Nigeria and in different parts of the world will abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk. Ramadan is one of the key tenets or pillars of the religion and many Nigerians can wait for it to start. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares reasons why Nigerians love fasting. Free food There is so much to eat and drink during fasting especially when it is time to break the fast. Many mosques dish out free food that even non-Muslims…

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Sultan Announces Commencement of Ramadan


Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar ‎III has declared tomorrow, Saturday May 27, as the beginning of Ramadan, 1438 AH which marks the commencement of the Ramadan fast by the Muslims. Making the announcement Friday in his palace in Sokoto, Abubakar said the commencement of the fast followed reports of sighting of the moon  across various states of the federation which marked the end of the month of Shaaban 1438.

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4 Reasons Why Ladies Block Their ‘Last Seen’ On WhatsApp

WhatsApp 1

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app owned by Facebook. It has helped to a very large extent in bridging the communication gap among friends and persons who are dating. This said you must have observed that many girls block their ‘last seen’ on the messaging platform. Have you ever wondered why? Well, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares reasons why ladies block their ‘last seen.’ To prevent fights This is perhaps the main reason why girls block their WhatsApp last seen. They want to prevent fights with their boyfriends…

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5 Types Of People You Meet At The Airport

Travellers at the airport

Next time you’re at the airport, you can pick them out to pass time and keep yourself occupied while waiting to board the plane. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 types of people you meet at the airport. The First Time Flyers They typically get swept off in the enthusiasm of their first flight experience. They are sometimes clueless about certain aspects relating to the flight (which is fine, since it’s their first time and we’ve all been there) and they sometimes have a lot of questions to…

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Terrorism Is The Bane Of Africa’s Tourism Growth – Report

Hospitality report 2017

The 2017 Jumia Travel hospitality report on the African continent has identified terrorism as the biggest bane of the continent’s travel and tourism sector, and countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Egypt are the biggest victims. According to the report which was presented to the media and major stakeholders in the travel industry recently in Lagos by the managing director of the company, Kushal Dutta, the terrorist attacks in these countries have impacted negatively on their tourism revenue. Meanwhile, the report has predicted that…

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