Playing The Lead Role In ‘Adaugo’ Was Great – Becky Osazuwa, Upcoming Actress

The name Becky Osazuwa may not sound familiar. However, she is an Upcoming Nollywood actress. Not only that, she is also a model and the winner of Miss Black and Beauty pageant 2015. In this exclusive interview with glamtush, she talks about her lead role in the movie, Adaugo and other issues.

What motivated you to become an actress?

My mom Tina Rolland is an actress and she normally takes me to locations. One day, Cynthia Agholor saw me and said I will play a role in her movie, the director gave me a script to read, I did well and that was how I started. The movie was tears for tomorrow. That was how I got into Nollywood.

You got your first major role in the movie Adaugo. What was the experience like and what lessons did you learn?

The experience was great. It was really wonderful to be on set with Tony Umez, Tony Akposheri, Cassandra Odita and many other superstars. I learnt in life never to take anyone for granted because the person you look down on today could be your savior tomorrow.

What was your role all about?

I played the role of Adaugo, a beautiful maiden and magnificent dancer who was abandoned as a baby by her mother after being rejected by her father who was at the time the crown prince of Amanze kingdom. She was picked by a poor but honest couple and raised in a religious way. Years later, untold calamities befell the community that threatens to eliminate the kingdom and only a princess from the king’s bloodline can salvage the kingdom. Then the hunt for the princess. It’s an interesting movie and fun on set as well.

How did you feel playing a lead role and the challenges you faced?

It was great and there was no challenge really. I love acting and I really put in my best because it is my first lead role. I hope to get more soon.


How far do you intend to go with your acting career?

By God’s grace I intend go as far as becoming a movie producer/director so that I can help many upcoming actors to realize their dreams because I noticed that there are so many talented upcoming actors but do not have the privilege to showcase their talent.

Who are those in the industry you look up to?

I look up to Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo and Cyntian Agholor. These ladies are talented actresses and they know their craft.

How do you combine schooling, modelling and acting?

It’s not very easy but I am coping. It not every day we get modelling jobs. I am a 200 level Accounting student of National Open University. I was born and brought up in Lagos. Before this lead role, I have taken up minor roles in some other movies.

You are new in Nollywood but are there roles you will reject? 

Yes there are roles I will reject. I will definitely reject playing nude roles.

How much would you want to be paid to accept a nude role if asked?

No amount of money will make me act nude. It’s not worth it.

You won Miss Black and Beauty pageant last year. How was your experience and what doors did it open for you?

Miss Black and beauty is a pageant designed to correct the impression of most people in the world who believe that to be black is timid or ugly. The vision of the pageant is to crown a beautiful girl who is beautiful both in character and appearance as the queen. I was amazed and overwhelmed when the judges pronounced me as the queen because to me, they were lots of beautiful contestants among us. I had a wonderful stay in the camp and I learnt a lot of new things. Also, my reign was very good, the runner ups and I teamed up to execute my pet project themed ‘Black is beautiful’. We reached out to many youths, preaching on how to respect and maintain our black heritage, dangers of bleaching the skin and lots more. The crown actually took me to another level, I met many important people during my reign. I am happy that I fulfilled my duties as the queen.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

By God’s grace I see myself as a role model, wife, mother and a superstar in the next five years.

What are you willing to sacrifice to become a superstar?

Am willing to sacrifice my time and lots of hard work.


How would you describe Becky?

Becky is a very simple girl, kind hearted, very humble and easygoing but above all God fearing.

How will you describe your style? 

My style is very simple and modest. I wear simple things that makes me comfortable. I am not a heavy dresser nor a designer freak but loves to put on any good designer outfit and accessories that makes me sexy and cute as a showbiz personality.

What do you do at leisure?

I watch movies, listen to music, read and sleep.

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