Season 2 Of Yyooko’s Makeup Show Is Here

Makeup show

Are you a makeup artist or pro makeup artist? Do you have passion to move higher for future entrepreneurship? Are you creative and want to showcase what you have? Then you should register for the second season of Yyooko’s makeup show.

The Yyooko’s Makeup Show (Season 2) also known as The Nigerian Next Makeup Artiste with this year’s theme, ‘Talents and Creativity’ is organised by Yyookos Global Concept.

According to the organiser, Mr Adelokiki Adeyomi, Chief Executive Officer, Yyookos Global Concepts, the art of makeup was a necessary tool in bringing out the characters of artistes in the entertainment industry.

“The entertainment industry cannot strive without the contribution of makeup artist. They are image makers and so should be given more recognition by the industry. A character cannot interpret his role perfectly if the makeup artist is not incorporated into the crew. He makes the old become young, while he can also turn an average face to a pleasant look,” he said.

He added that the show is more than just a makeup show. “We will be looking at the talents and creativity these makeup artists possess and will exhibit during the one week camp where they will be given different makeup task.”

“The one week event will see 40 contestants camped in a house where they will display their talents and creativity with makeup task assigned to them. However, they will be mentored by professional makeup artists to guide them during the tasks. Also, models will be assigned to each contestant to help demonstrate their task.”

Adeyomi revealed that on the grand finale, there will be a final makeup show by the contestants and awards will be given to makeup brands and politicians.

The show according to Adeyomi will involve both male and female makeup artist, it is proudly a Nigerian project, people within the ages of 18-45 can participate and registration ends on June 30.

There are lots of mouth-watering prizes to win. So you still have a chance to register!


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