So Disheartening! Brenda and Benjamin Are Not My Children

As I sat on the sofa to watch the three children play in the sitting room, I was convinced in my spirit that the last two (Brenda and Benjamin) were not mine. I know you people will think I don’t know what I am saying or I am insane, but wait until you hear my story

Emmauella was the love of my life. She has everything a man desires in a wife. After two years of dating, I decided to marry her coupled with the fact that my family members liked her so much. It was so glaring that we were so much in love. Since I had a very good paying job, we decided that she would not work so that she can take care of our children and the home front. So, I opened a two-in-one shop for her, a mini supermarket and a boutique with five staff.

When Ella (as I call her) was five months pregnant with our first child, I was involved in a ghastly motor accident on the Third Mainland Bridge. After spending two months in a private hospital, my company paid the medical bills and I was ready to go home. To my shock, the doctor before discharging me gave me the saddest news of my life. “Edward, you are fit to go home now, but, you have to continue taking your drugs religiously. Hmmm…, however, there is a problem. As a result of the accident, your reproductive organ was affected. I’m sorry, you may not be able to father a child anymore,” he said. I was so pained and as my eyes became teary, I struggled to hold back the tears as a man. “Does my wife know about this?” I asked. “No, I did not tell her.” “Thank you doctor, please let this remain a secret between us,” I pleaded.

Immediately, Ella entered and the doctor left. I tried to cheer up so that she would not notice something was wrong. “It’s time to go home. The doctor said I should continue with my drugs,” I told her. She was so pleased and hurriedly packed my belongings. As we got home, I wondered if I should tell Ella what the doctor said or not. Any time I look at her, I feel guilty for the new twist in our marriage but what gives me joy is that she is already pregnant. “O God but after this child, what happens next? I can’t father a child anymore,” I sobbed.

Two months after I was discharged, Ella gave birth to our bundle of joy, Junior. That was the happiest day of my life. At least I consoled myself with the fact that I have a son and an heir. For giving me a son, I bought a brand new car for Ella and also got her a driver. Two years later, Ella told me she was pregnant. “Edward, love I was with the doctor today. I am two months pregnant,” she told me. Totally shocked, I said, “Pregnant? How? When? Are you serious?”

“Hey, darling, why all these questions? Aren’t you happy?” she questioned. I told her I was very happy and that it calls for celebration. But within me I knew I was not responsible. So, I decided to go back and see my doctor, he ran some test on me and told me I could not have been responsible for my Ella’s pregnancy. “So Ella is cheating on me, but with whom?” I asked myself. Not to reveal my secret, I just played along. At the end of nine months, she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl whom I named Brenda. A year later she was pregnant again. When she told me, I also managed to pretend to be happy. She gave birth to a baby boy, Benjamin. But this time round, I decided to know who this mystery man she has been sleeping with was.

One Saturday afternoon, after she had gone to the beauty salon, I called Mike her driver. Mike is a tall, handsome, young man in his late 20s. He is a Higher Diploma (HND) holder in Business Administration, but because he couldn’t get a job, he opted to become a private driver. “Mike, where do you usually take madam to?” I asked. “Oga, I usually take her to her shop, market, the children’s school and beauty salon sometimes,” he stressed. “Apart from these places you have mentioned, where else does she go to? Who does she go to see,” I quizzed him. “Nowhere else and she does not see anybody, sir,” he told me. I thanked him and went into the sitting room.

As I paced to and fro the room still thinking of the next step to take to uncover who fathered Brenda and Benjamin, I heard the compound gate open and I rushed to the window to see who it was. It was Ella. On a close watch, I noticed something strange between her and Mike. I noticed that immediately she entered the compound, she winked at him and from the movement of his lips, he said to her, “Your hair is lovely and you look beautiful.” I could not believe what I just saw. “Could I be dreaming? Could he be the one? No, no, it is not possible,” I tried to convince myself.

When she came in, she hugged me and apologized for coming in late. We sat down together to watch the television before she told me she needed to use the toilet. She got up in a hurry, so in the process left her phone on the sofa and, shortly, a text message came in. And because I was already suspicious of her, I took the phone. Low and behold, it was a text message from Mike, so curious I had to read it. This was the message, “My sweet darling, I miss you so much. How I wish we can spend time together as usual. Tell him you need to go somewhere so that we can go to our usual place. Always remember that I love you. And before I forget, how are my children doing today? I think he is suspecting you, so we need to be more careful.” I was speechless. Tears dripped from my eyes as I muttered, “My suspicion was right after all, Brenda and Benjamin are not my children.”

Minutes later, she came back and hurriedly took her phone. I watched her smile as she sat down to read her message while I was pained. “You seem to be smiling so much. Is there any good news? Are you pregnant again?” I asked. “No dear, I’m not pregnant. It’s just that my friend sent me a really funny joke.” Ella said.

“Can I share in the joke as well? Please can you read out the joke? I want to smile like you too,” I teased her. She bluntly refused and this further confirmed my suspicion. I love all three children but confirming my suspicion that Brenda and Benjamin are not my biological children is hurting me so much especially finding out that my wife has been sleeping with her driver and he fathered those children.

Does Ella know the accident made me sterile? Should I have told her the truth? Should I confront her? Should I just pretend I don’t know anything and continue to love these children? Should I drive Mike away? I am so confused right now. What should I do?


Photo: theblackjuice

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