Style Crush Of The Week: Chic, Edgy And Tomboyish Adunni Ade

Adunni Ade

This week, we are crushing on Yoruba born actress, Aduni Ade, popularly referred to as the ‘white girl’ of Nollywood. She is one fashionsta who is not scared to wear whatever outfit she feels like as long as she feels comfortable in it.

Adunni never fails to give her fans lovely style goals. The beautiful mother of two has displayed different shades of her looks donning befitting outfits for every event she attends.

She is one fashionista who could be daring whenever she feels like it, as she loves to leave a lasting fashion statement especially on the red carpet. However, she had to tone down her style after realising that it’s not everything that works in the States that would work over here. Nevertheless, this does not mean she has lost her sense of style.

For Adunni Ade, her style is edgy, chic and tomboyish. But it could be more depending on the fashion statement she intends to make. She loves the Ankara prints as she loves using it to make simple pants and jumpsuits that represent her style.

And if there is an accessory she has to wear all the time, then, it will be her bracelet which she hardly takes off.

When it comes to her hair, she’s got very long and full hair which she style into a ponytail when she feels heat or is tired of the volume of the hair.

So here are some of her styles to die for. You could also pick a style or two from her lovely outfits.

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