Telemundo Presents Woman Of Steel Season 2

Woman Of Steel 2 Teasers December 2017

The continuation of the series, Woman of Steel Season 2 will start airing on Telemundo this August.

Woman of Steel “Señora Acero” tells the story of Sara Aguilar Bermúdez, a woman who goes from being an ordinary housewife to controlling a male-dominated criminal world. Respected by all and feared by many, she is known in money laundering circles simply as Señora Acero

Season 2 begins with Sara Aguilar Bermúdez behind prison bars, where she’s been for five years, waiting to be sentenced – proof that you never want to be caught in a Mexican jail.

After spending five years in prison, Sara hopes to be free for lack of evidence. However, Sara attempts a jail break when her son, Salvador, gets attacked. She swears that she will do anything to have her son by her side and this makes her desperate to escape Puente Grande prison but this ends in tragedy. Hence, the President of the Republic, at the request of his private secretary, Berta Aguilar, condemned Sara to 25 years in prison. The hatred of a resentful sister, the political ambitions of a corrupt President and another bad move of fate, sink Señora Acero into a deep depression. Once again she says goodbye to her son Salvador and her love, Manuel Caicedo.

However, her best friend, Aracely (Litzy) comes up with a plan to save her. From that moment on, her enemies must prepare to face the fury of Señora Acero.

The 75 episodes series will start airing on Monday, August 28 at 22h10 and will pick up from where Season 1 ended.


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