Telemundo: This Week On “Maid in Manhattan, The Son I Never Knew And Manuel & Silvana”

For lovers of Telenovela on  Telemundo channels on DSTV and GOtv like myself, here are the teasers of Maid in Manhattan, The Son I Never Knew and Manuel & Silvana for Monday, March 20 to Friday, March. 24

Maid in Manhattan

Monday 20 March

Carmen tries to convince Marisa not to let Sara take Cristobal away from her, but Marisa begins to spend more time with Frank.

Tuesday 21 March

Marisa tells Frank the story of how she met Cristobal, while Goya and Belinda find themselves in terrible danger when Hugo breaks into their house.

Wednesday 22 March 

Leticia tries to find out who Rolando really is, but he evades her questions. Sara asks Derek to continue Hugo’s assignment.

Thursday 23 March 

Cristobal attempts to smooth things out with Marisa but still refuses to talk about Sara. Hugo’s death leads to many questions.

Friday 24 March

Tania discovers Sara and Cristobal’s secret. Rolando finally gives in and tells Leticia everything she wants to know.

Maid in Manhattan airs on Telemundo Mondays to Fridays at 16h20.


The Son I Never Knew

Monday 20 March

Renata offers to help Florencia if she doesn’t want to go to the police about her rape. Florencia accepts.

Tuesday 21 March

Denisse reveals information about Ignacio’s murder to Miguel, but tells him to keep quiet for the safety of her family.

Wednesday 22 March

Santiago admits to Clara that he cheated on her, and tells her that the affair is over. Clara tries to convince Denisse to report Hans to the police.

Thursday 23 March
Catalina speaks out publicly about what Hans did to her, and Clara praises her for her bravery. Hans arrives at Clara’s house looking for Denise.

Friday 24 March 2017 

Clara is able to convince the Public Ministry to reopen Ignacio’s case, but the Minister who reopens the case is met with an unfortunate fate.

The Son I Never Knew is on Telemundo Mondays to Fridays at 17h10.


Manuel & Silvana

Manuel & SIlvana

Monday 20 March  

Vicente has one more surprise for Majo, and Lucia one for her dad…

Manuel & Silvana premieres weekdays at 18:00 CAT.

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