Zee World: Highlights On Silver Lining, The Vow, Twist of Fate, King of Hearts & Krishi

For this week, here are the highlights on Silver lining, The Vow, Tiwst of Fate, King of hearts and Krishi for  Monday, Sept 12  to Friday, Sept 16.

For  fans of ZeeWorld series who don’t like reading all the long post on each of these series, then, here are weekly highlights worth knowing for each of these thrilling series we love to watch.

Silver Lining


Ira finds out that her mother rejected a marriage proposal from Sam’s family. Isha takes a file to Sam’s house and gets accused for being a gate crusher. Isha finds out Sam’s real identity and exposes him at the office. Revathi finds out where Devki has been hospitalized and goes in search of her. Revathi makes a surprising announcement at dinner and Indrani is forced to apologise to her. Isha and Sam leave for Dharampur for the reunion. Isha and Sam finally recognize each other in Dharampur and enquires about Ira forcing Sam to lie. Sam rejects Ira’s wedding proposal.

Forbidden Love


Raj tries to take advantage of Veera but thankfully Kushaan comes to her rescue. Megha receives news that leave her devastated. Veera finds out that Kushaan is getting married to someone else but later realises his true love, will he get Veera’s love back? Kushaan decides not to go ahead with his wedding to Amisha. Kushaan’s family does not give him much option when he tells them that he is in love with someone else and pressure him to get married to Amisha, will he give into the pressure?

Twist Of Fate

Twist of fate

It is Suresh’s engagement day and he’s still under the impression that he’s getting married to Bulbul but how will he react when he finds out the truth? Pragya finds pictures of Bulbul in Suresh’s book. Rachna takes a pregnancy test and is devastated by the results. Rachna’s secret is revealed to the whole family which makes her try to end her life. Suresh foes to Akash’s house to seek justice for what he did to his sister but Akash denies all the accusations.

King of Hearts

King of hearts

The relationship between Pratima and Siddarth is revealed. DD realises that things aren’t as the seemed to her and throws Babloo out of the house. Sid resorts to lying in order to help his father with their business. DD tries to play matchmaker for her niece but little does she know that she’s already married. Roshni decides to look for a job in order to cover for the household expenses. Roshni’s life is in danger when she is kidnapped, will Sid be able to free her?



Krishi signs the land papers given to her by Pintu and lands herself in trouble and is given 24 hours to prove her innocence, will she manage to do that? Vidyapati has a nightmare and asks for a cleansing ritual to be performed. All of Tuntu’s lies are revealed as the stolen CD is found in his room. Sikka is eager for revenge and conspires to get Krishi killed. On her way to her hearing Krishi finds out that her hearing has been postponed and head to the temple not knowing that they day ahead is full of fatalities.

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