Zee World: Reach For The Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of Hearts & Sands of Time Highlights

Zee World series

For this week on Zee World series, here are the highlights on Reach for the Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of hearts and Sands of time for  Monday, April 10 to Friday, April 14.

For  fans of Zee World series who don’t like reading all the long post on each of these series, here are weekly highlights for each of these thrilling and sometimes ‘infuriating’ series that keep us glued to the edge of our seats that we indeed love to watch.


Reach for the Stars


Monday 10 April
Episode 23

Kalpana finds out that she will be working as Pakhi’s assistant. Raghav is strict on Kalpana but she takes this as an opportunity for growth.

Tuesday 11 April
Episode 24

Prem tries to bribe Kalpana into stealing information from Raghav’s family. What will Kalpi do? Neetu steals Pakhi’s work files and later presents them as her own. Sammy blames Kalpi for stolen documents and fires her.

Wednesday 12 April
Episode 25

Kalpana regains her reputations in the company by giving a presentation that wins them a campaign over the Kapoors. Kalpana helps Pakhi out of difficult situation in order to make Kamla proud.

Thursday 13 April
Episode 26

Raghav invites Pakhi to a business meeting in order to fulfil his plans. However, destiny has different plans for him.

Friday 14 April
Episode 27

Kalpi and Raghav are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Raghav keeps on reminding her of the mistake she has made. Kalpana gets fed up with Raghav and decides to resign. Raghav’s life is in danger and Kalpi stays with him through it all.

Reach for the Stars Teasers airs at 18h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Young Dreams

Young Dreams

Monday 10 April
Episode 15

Rachna makes beautiful bags out of the leftover Saris and Vihaan supports her at every step. Charu’s plan to kill Gunjan fails. Mayank descides that it would be better to go home as he fears for their lives.

Tuesday 11 April
Episode 16

Gunjan spots Charu and she alerts Mayank. Vihaan finds a buyer for Rachna’s goods, unfortunately he leaves dissapointed. Seema tells Sangeeta, that Gunjan isn’t fit to be her daughter-in-law.

Wednesday 12 April
Episode 17

All of Rachna’s items get sold and she gets a huge order for more, it looks like things are finally looking up for her. Seema asks Gunjan to drop out of college and become a full time housewife.

Thursday 13 April
Episode 18

Gunjan and Mayank get a warm welcome at the college after their marriage. Vihaan mortgages his car to get a loan for Rachna from the bank. Rachna shows her creativity to Gunjan and she is left amazed.

Friday 14 April
Episode 19

Mayank gives Dayal half a million just to help him recover his business. Seema plays her tricks to try and create a rift between Mayank and Gunjan… will her plans be successful or will she be exposed?
Young Dreams airs at 19h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Twist of Fate

Twist of fate

Monday 10 April
Episode 156

It is finally Bulbul and Purab’s wedding celebration, will Aliya let everything go ahead smoothly. Tanu keeps putting pressure on Abhi to marry her, what will Abhi do?

Tuesday 11 April
Episode 157

Aliya does the unthinkable, has she crossed all boundaries?  Aliya can’t keep her disguise long enough as Abhi realises that there is something different about the bride. How will Abhi deal with this situation?

Wednesday 12 April
Episode 158

Abhi throws Aliya out of the house but his grandmother convinces him to allow her to stay in the house. He then tells her that from that day on, they do not share a relationship. The police get to the hospital and Bulbul tells them who was responsible for her injury.

Thursday 13 April
Episode 159

Pragya is under a lot of pressure to fulfil her promise to Tanu. She gives Abhi’s grandmother news that leaves her devastated.

Friday 14 April
Episode 160

Abhi’s grandmother tries to get through to Pragya but she keeps failing to do so. Abhi reveals the truth about the pregnancy to his grandmother.
Twist of Fate air at 20h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


King of Hearts

King of hearts 2

Monday 10 April
Episode 182

No teaser available.

Tuesday 11 April
Episode 183

Sid re-enacts past events to try and help Roshni regain her memory. Alaknanda finds out that Shabnam is indeed using black magic to control Roshni.

Wednesday 12 April
Episode 184

Kunal tries to misbehave with Roshni, unfortunately for him Jyoti spoils his plans. Shabnam reveals that Kunal and Roshni aren’t married yet and she plans to rectify this mistake as soon as possible.

Thursday 13 April
Episode 185

Shabnam gets hold of Roshni’s cellphone and she tries to figure out who has been calling Roshni. Kunal nearly confesses about everything to Roshni thanks to Sid’s concoction. Roshni starts to remember vague images of her past.

Friday 14 April
Episode 186

Sid realizes that Roshni is indeed regaining her memory bit by bit and he continues to meet her secretly. DD and Alaknanda try to find out who and what made Roshni lose her memory.

King of Hearts airs at 21h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Sands of Time

Monday 10 April
Episode 111

Kshom finds the real Jia and Shekhar tries to exchange Nisna with Jia before anyone finds out. Nisna thinks she’s won the lottery in the Pandey house. Shekhar continues to fake concern for Jia. Nisna slips up and comes home drunk.

Tuesday 11 April
Episode 112

Nethra seems to have her eye on Samar. Nisna is reaping the rewards of resembling Jia. Jia misses her mother and goes to see her.

Wednesday 12 April
Episode 113

Nethra finds a way to get closer to Samar. Jia’s neighbors question Shekhar’s relationship to her. In response, Shekhar claims Jia is his wife.

Thursday 13 April
Episode 114

Nethra follows Samar like a shadow. Nethra targets Devyani at a party and spikes her drink. Shekhar proposes to Jia. Rukmini tells Gyan that she suspects Jia is still in love with Shekhar.

Friday 14 April
Episode 115

Shekhar calls someone from the past to help him convince Jia that he truly loves her. Kshom sees Jia with Kadam. Nisna looks for ways to stop her marriage to Kshom, so she can marry Shekhar.

Sands of time airs at 22h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.

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