Zee World: Reach For The Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of Hearts & Sands of Time Highlights

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For this week on Zee World series, here are the highlights on Reach for the Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of hearts and Sands of time for  Monday, April 17 to Friday, April 21.

For  fans of Zee World series who don’t like reading all the long post on each of these series, here are weekly highlights for each of these thrilling and sometimes ‘infuriating’ series that keep us glued to the edge of our seats that we indeed love to watch.


Reach for the Stars

Monday 17 April
Episode 28

Kalpi and Raghav finally return home safely. However, the disagreements between the two do not get any better. Kalpi then resigns from the job after a hurtful exchange of words.

Tuesday 18 April
Episode 29

Pakhi expresses her love for Raghav. Neetu puts on an act for everyone… does she have an ulterior motive?

Wednesday 19 April
Episode 30

Raghav makes a move on Pakhi. Even though he is with Pakhi, Raghav can only think about Kalpana.

Thursday 20 April
Episode 31

Pakhi gets angry when seeing Raghav with Kalpana. Raghav organises a party with the sole purpose of getting closer to Pakhi.

Friday 21 April
Episode 32

Raghav mistakenly expresses his feelings to Kalpana. On the same night Pakhi also expresses her feeling to Raghav. How will Raghav deal with situation?
Reach for the Stars Teasers airs at 18h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Young Dreams

Young Dreams

Monday 17 April
Episode 20

Rachna and Vihaan manage to convince the store owner to sponsor them with the material they need. Seema’s attempt to change Gunjan’s name fails.

Tuesday 18 April
Episode 21

Gunjan helps Rachna get out of the house because of the huge order that needed to be completed. A Letter gets sent to the house regarding Rachna’s short attendance at college.

Wednesday 19 April
Episode 22

The police raid the party and they find Rocky’s bag full of illegal substances in Vihaan’s possession, both Rachna and Vihaan get arrested. Gunjan finally reveals the truth to everyone about why Rachna wasn’t home.

Thursday 20 April
Episode 23

Before Gunjan and Rachna can tell Shail about Vihaan’s involvement in everything, Savitri comes over and makes a scene. Dayal warns Shail not to allow Rachna to go to college. Gunjan looks for ways to get Vihaan released.

Friday 21 April
Episode 24

Rachna and Gunjan manage to get evidence to prove Vihaan is innocent, only problem is that the guilty man is also Mayank’s boss’s son.

Young Dreams airs at 19h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Twist of Fate

Twist of fate

Monday 17 April
Episode 161

Kulpreet and Indu set out to find out why the hospital gave Pragya the wrong pregnancy feedback. Tanu corners Abhi into making a decision that will change his life. Tanu’s pregnancy is revealed to the family.

Tuesday 18 April
Episode 162

Kulpreet’s anger gets out of control and she decides to punish Abhi by throwing him out of the house.  Pragya stands by Abhi but this displeases his grandmother. Aliya and Raj join forces to avenge Abhi.

Wednesday 19 April
Episode 163

Raj returns to the house and Abhi realises that his behaviour towards him has changed. Pragya tells Abhi’s grandmother that she wants Tanu and Abhi to get married.

Thursday 20 April
Episode 164

Aliya overhears a conversation between Nekhil and Tanu, she overhears that Nekhil is the father of Tanu’s child. Finally, Pragya and Abhi gather the guts to express their love to each other.

Friday 21 April
Episode 165

Pragya takes a big step that might turn her destiny around. Sarla is devastated by the news of her daughter’s return and decides to confront Abhi’s family about this.

Twist of Fate air at 20h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


King of Hearts

King of hearts 2

Monday 17 April
Episode 187

Shabnam announces that Roshni and Kunal’s wedding will take place in five days. Shabnam starts to get suspicious of Jyoti. Sid discovers that Shabnam is actually giving Roshni an unknown substance.

Tuesday 18 April
Episode 188

Sid and DD manage to get hold of the little bottle containing the unknown substance. Shabnam continues to give Roshni the substance, little does she know that Sid replaced it with glucose water.
Wednesday 19 April
Episode 189

Shakun makes Shabnam aware that she has been injecting glucose water into Roshni all this time. Sid gives Roshni the antidote, but time is running out. Will Roshni regain her memory before it’s too late?

Thursday 20 April
Episode 190

No teaser available.

Friday 21 April
Episode 191

Thanks to Kritika and Simran, DD and Kesar are saved from Bansi and her family. Kunal makes a last stand and he stabs aunt Jyoti. Shabnam manages to escape in the nick of time.
King of Hearts airs at 21h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Sands of Time

Monday 17 April
Episode 116

An innocent Devyani doesn’t realise that she’s bringing Nethra closer to Samar. Jia ends up in the hospital and is checked by another doctor. Savitri warns Devyani about Nethra.

Tuesday 18 April
Episode 117

Jia can’t believe that Kshom is marrying Nisna and demands to meet her. Shekhar is brutally attacked. A strange woman visits Jia. Kadam blames Nisna for the attack on Shekhar.

Wednesday 19 April
Episode 118

Kadam arrests Jia claiming she’s Nisna. Gyan, Rukmini and Kshom visit Jia in jail and her answers to their questions shock even Kadam. After seeing Jia in jail, Kshom can’t shake an uneasy feeling. Jia is attacked in jail.

Thursday 20 April
Episode 119

Rani realizes that the woman in jail is not Nisna. Jia ends up in the same hospital as Shekhar. Jia wants to meet with her family but realizes that without proof no one will believe her. Jia warns Gyan about Shekhar’s safety.

Friday 21 April
Episode 120

Jia is taken to prison. Rani helps Jia escape from jail. Kshom starts suspecting Nisna and keeps an eye on her. Kshom moves Anusuya to a safe place. Jia swears to prove herself to Kshom.
Sands of time airs at 22h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.

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