Zee World: Reach For The Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of Hearts & Sands of Time Highlights

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For this week on Zee World series, here are the highlights on Reach for the Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of hearts and Sands of time for  Monday, March 27 to Friday, March. 31.

For  fans of Zee World series who don’t like reading all the long post on each of these series, here are weekly highlights for each of these thrilling and sometimes ‘infuriating’ series that keep us glued to the edge of our seats that we indeed love to watch.

Reach for the Stars

Monday 27 March
Episode 37

Kalpana goes out in search of Raghav, she hopes that he will be able to help them out of their situation.

Tuesday 28 March
Episode 38

Neetu goes back to the place where kamla lives to offer one of them a job. One of the ladies accepts the job, turning her back against the agreement she has made with the rest of them. Will the rest of the community agree to this?

Wednesday 29 March
Episode 39

Neetu sets up Kamla but sending someone to her disguising as Raghav. She falls for the trap that Neetu has set for her.

Thursday 30 March
Episode 40

Neetu arrives with the police and a bulldozer ready to vacate Kamla and the community from their land. Raghav finally comes to the rescue. How will the Kapoor’s react to this?

Friday 31 March
Episode 41

Prem is financially affected by losing the land, he turns to alcohol to forget his problems. Once again, Kamla misses Kalpana’s big moment because of Pakhi.

Reach for the Stars Teasers airs at 18h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Young Dreams

Young Dreams

Monday 27 March
Episode 114

Seema and her Aunt continue to trouble Shail. It’s the Haldi ceremony and Mayank demands that Shail puts the paste on him before his own mother. Thanks to Seema’s carelessness, Gunjan’s jewellery gets stolen.

Tuesday 28 March
Episode 115

Prabhu demands that Seema hands over the keys to Shail and he also reveals that he has the jewellery. The day of Gunjan and Mayank’s wedding is finally here. Seema and her aunt try to force their old traditions onto the wedding.

Wednesday 29 March
Episode 116

Mayank spoils the plans of his mother and her aunt as they were on the verge of belittling Akash. Gunjan gets emotional when she watches the video her mom left her. Shail also goes against Seema and her aunt.

Thursday 30 March
Episode 117

Shail argues with everyone just so that Akash can give away Gunjan. At long last Gunjan and Mayank are married.

Friday 31 March
Episode 118

The guests have arrived but Gunjan is nowhere to been seen. Seema gets upset and she tells Mayank that Gunjan is only his wife and not her daughter in law. Once again Seema’s plans are spoiled, but this time by her own husband.

Young Dreams airs at 19h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Twist of Fate

Twist of fate

Monday 27 March
Episode 146

Pragya successfully brings Tanu to the Mehra house. Aliya is at it again, she has come up with a new plan to bring Purab and herself closer.

Tuesday 28 March
Episode 147

Pragya and Tanu implement their plan in order to get Pragya thrown out the house. Pragya cannot take the pressure when Abhi’s grandmother involves Sarla.

Wednesday 29 March
Episode 148

The lies just keep on piling up. The family receives a report that Pragya is pregnant. Abhi is left with the challenge of telling his grandmother the truth about the pregnancy issue.

Thursday 30 March
Episode 149

Abhi’s grandmother has organised a grand party to celebrate Pragya’s pregnancy. Pragya tries to tell Abhi’s grandmother the truth but she is too occupied with the celebrations.

Friday 31 March
Episode 150

Tanu promises to behave in an exemplary manner and not reveal the truth about her pregnancy to the family. Bulbul finds out that there’s a secret Pragya and Tanu are hiding… will Pragya reveal the unbearable truth?

Twist of Fate air at 20h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


King of Hearts

King of hearts 2

Monday 27 March
Episode 172

DD obeys Bansi’s every word and she even states that Roshni and Sid can’t stay in the same room. Siddharth suspects that Kunal isn’t as innocent as he seems.

Tuesday 28 March
Episode 173

Roshni gets a strange and unusual rash out of the blue. Sid finds out the Bansi’s daughter is in love with Raj. A strange and weird man suddenly makes his appearance. Who could he be and what does he want?

Wednesday 29 March
Episode 174

Thanks to Bansi’s cunning brain she figures out the priest is Sid. DD asks Sid to go home for a few days. We finally see the real Kunal and it turns out Siddharth was spot on.

Thursday 30 March
Episode 175

Sid overhears Bansi and DD talking and he finally hears all about the big secret. Now that Sid knows everything – will he be able to stop Bansi from taking Roshni?
King of Hearts airs at 21h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Sands of Time

Monday 27 March
Episode 101

Jia and Kshom are torn between their families and Jia returns her engagement ring. Jia and Kshom try to reveal the truth about Rakesh, but he has a different story to tell. Aarushi agrees to a DNA test.

Tuesday 28 March
Episode 102

Shekhar promises Kshom that Jia will never be his. Kshom books an appointment with an eye specialist for Shekhar, but she thinks of ways to avoid the doctor.

Wednesday 29 March
Episode 103

Kshom uses a chemical to show Shekhar what it feels like to be blind. Kshom swears to reveal Shekhar’s lie and invites him out for lunch.

Thursday 30 March
Episode 104

Shekhar is a step ahead of Kshom and now has the family believing that he wants Kshom and Jia to be happy. Nethra is determined to hurt Devyani’s baby. Devyani has a minor accident, and the result may make Nethra very happy.

Friday 31 March

Episode 104
Nethra makes a surprising offer which makes Savitri very unhappy.
Sands of time airs at 22h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.

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