Zee World: Reach For The Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of Hearts & Sands of Time Highlights

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For this week on Zee World series, here are the highlights on Reach for the Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of hearts and Sands of time for  Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 7.

For  fans of Zee World series who don’t like reading all the long post on each of these series, here are weekly highlights for each of these thrilling and sometimes ‘infuriating’ series that keep us glued to the edge of our seats that we indeed love to watch.


Reach for the Stars


Monday 3 April
Episode 18

Kalpana goes to the college to collect her exam results. The results she receives leave her and the family devastated.

Tuesday 4 April
Episode 19

Kalpana has to choose between the good or evil path. Will she go through the extreme to make her dreams come true?

Wednesday 5 April
Episode 20 

Kamla feels deeply disappointed because of Kalpana’s life choices. Even after disappointing them, Kalpana’s family stand by her. Kalpana’s grandmother suggests that Kalpana be married off.

Thursday 6 April
Episode 21

Kalpana is faced with the challenge of finding a job that will be pleasing to her mother. Will Kalpana take what is available to her or will she keep looking for a higher earning job?

Friday 7 April
Episode 22

Pakhi invites Kamla to a family lunch, there she finds Kalpana serving as a waitress. Neetu uses the opportunity to humiliate Kalpana at every chance she gets.
Reach for the Stars Teasers airs at 18h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Young Dreams

Young Dreams

Monday 3 April
Episode 10

Gunjan impresses everyone with her cooking, everyone except Seema and Sangeeta of course. Mayank surprises Gunjan with a honeymoon trip to Goa. Seema tries to stop the honeymoon from happening.

Tuesday 4 April
Episode 11

Due to Rachna’s carelessness the entire Saree shop burns down and Dayal is left devastated. Gunjan and Mayank enjoy their honeymoon. Vihaan consoles Rachna.

Wednesday 5 April
Episode 12

Sangeeta tells Gopal she will not give her jewellery because of Rachna’s mistake. After hearing disappointing news from the insurance, Dayal refuses the help of his two brothers and Shail. Gunjan and Mayank experience a lot of unusual events.

Thursday 6 April
Episode 13

Mayank and Gunjan come to the realization that someone is following them. Rachna’s creativity reflects on Dolu school project. The mastermind behind all of the unusual events taking place on Gunjan and Mayank’s honeymoon is non other than Charu.

Friday 7 April
Episode 14

Gunjan and Mayank enjoy themselves at the beach party – little do they know that everyone at home has been watching them on television. Dayal tells everyone that the only way out is if they mortgage the house. Rachna has a bright idea to design bags.
Young Dreams airs at 19h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Twist of Fate

Twist of fate

Monday 3 April
Episode 151

Nekhil, Purab’s business associate visits Abhi’s house and looks very suspicious, what could he be up to? Nekhil’s presence brings discomfort to Tanu and on the other end Aliya suspects that the person who is pregnant might be Tanu and not Pragya.

Tuesday 4 April
Episode 152

Nekhil puts pressure on Tanu, she finally cracks and reveals to him who the father of the child is, will this news reach the family?

Wednesday 5 April
Episode 153

Pragya suspects that there is something between Tanu and Nekhil. Tanu tries to get rid of Nekhil but her tactics seems to not work on him. Nekhil takes a drastic step, involving Tanu’s family, to get what he wants.

Thursday 6 April
Episode 154

Nekhil is starting to show his true colours. After hearing about Pragya’s pregnancy, Tanu’s parents try to convince her to forget about Abhi. She then reveals the truth about the pregnancy.

Friday 7 April
Episode 155

Tanu’s parents request that Abhi get engaged to her for their assurance. Tanu finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place, how will she get herself out of this tough situation?

Twist of Fate air at 20h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


King of Hearts

King of hearts 2

Monday 3 April
Episode 177

Sid starts to suspect that Kunal is behind the sudden attack. Alaknanda confirms that Roshni’s horoscope was never made… so how does Bansi know about it?

Tuesday 4 April
Episode 178

An unexpected and familiar face helps Roshni escape the jaws of death. Sid loses all control of himself after finding out Kunal tampered with the car breaks.

Wednesday 5 April
Episode 179

Sid finds out that Bansi planned Roshni and Kunal’s marriage even before Roshni was born. Sid goes to Nirona to investigate, unfortunately for him Kunal tracks him down. Will Sid be able to escape Kunal’s henchmen?

Thursday 6 April
Episode 180

Sid finds out that Roshni is indeed DD’s  daughter and that Bansi planned everything from the start. Roshni agrees to Bansi’s conditions just to save her grandma. Sid and DD rush back to Mumbai to expose Bansi – will they make it back in time?

Friday 7 April
Episode 181

Bansi, Shabnam and Kunal have completely turned the tables in their favour and the worst part is Roshni doesn’t recognise anyone other than the three of them.

King of Hearts airs at 21h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Sands of Time

Monday 3 April
Episode 106

Despite being angry, Kshom agrees to allow Jia to become a surrogate, but on one condition. Jia’s reports, however, reveal a shocking truth. As a result, Jia changes her behavior towards the family and is rude to everyone.

Tuesday 4 April
Episode 107

Jia purposely misses her doctor’s appointment. Jia’s rude behavior doesn’t spare Kshom either. Gyan and Rukmini have a word with Jia about her bad behavior.

Wednesday 5 April
Episode 108

Jia asks for her shares and claims its payment for being a surrogate. Gyan has a strong feeling that something is wrong with Jia. Nethra’s offer to carry the baby still stands.

Thursday 6 April
Episode 109

Rukmini can’t handle Jia’s behaviour any longer and kicks her out of the house, giving Jia exactly what she wanted. Shekhar knows Jia’s truth and offers his help to her. Nisna makes a comeback and Shekhar may have something to do with it.

Friday 7 April
Episode 110

Shekhar wants to get Nisna married to Kshom to get him out of the way. Everyone believes Nisna is Jia. The wedding date has been fixed. Nethra enjoys all the attention and uses the pregnancy to get her way.
Sands of time airs at 22h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.

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