10 Years, 3 Children After, Yet She Doesn’t Remember Being Married

I was recently at the salon to wash my hair where I met another customer narrating a disturbing incident about a close family friend. There was a studied silence as she related the story.

She said, “it is still a mystery that after 10 years of marriage and three children, she had no memory of her marriage or family.”

She narrated how Stella (not real name) and her fiancée, Donald were excited about their forthcoming wedding. And despite the fact that her parents didn’t approve of the marriage because the man was from a different tribe, gave up when they saw her determination.

“Suddenly, with three weeks to the wedding, Stella called off the marriage to Donald. She announced that she was going to marry Eze.

“Everyone was shocked. No one knew Stella had any sort of relationship with Eze. And she threatened she will kill herself if she is stopped from marrying Eze, the love of her life.

“Her confused parents acquiesced. She told a disappointed Donald that she never really loved him and married Eze.

“Now, 10 years after she married Eze, she returned to her parents to ask about Donald. Her surprised parents asked why she was asking about Donald.

“She burst out crying saying, why were the parents stopping her from marrying Donald. And when she was reminded of her marriage to Eze, she seemed lost and insisted that she has no husband or children and that she and Donald were yet to get married.”

After days of prayers, Stella recalled that “I was cleaning the house, killing spiders and removing cobwebs in the bedroom when a calabash fell from the top of the wardrobe and broke. Inside the pot were all sorts of shriveled objects, torn pictures of me and Donald. As I held the picture, it seemed as if a veil lifted and I became aware of herself.

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“I didn’t know where I was. The apartment looked unfamiliar. I was confused when I saw a huge wedding photo of myself and Eze. He was a nuisance who was pestering me for a relationship.

“I saw another photo of myself, Eze and three children.”

Unable to make sense of anything, she fled to her parent’s home asking for an explanation. That was when they realized that something was wrong.

Her father invited Eze to the house. As they waited for Eze, her parents reminded her of how she called off the wedding with Donald, her resignation from her job and her threat to die if she wasn’t allowed to marry Eze.

A shocked Stella, said, “I cannot remember any of that.”

When Eze came, he confessed that he loved her but because she didn’t love him, he cast a spell on her with the help of a witch. He said that because of the spell, she won’t remember anything that happened or what she did in the last 10 years.

The broken calabash restored her senses.

“What happens to the children,” Stella cried as the confusion became more intriguing. She’s uncertain if she wants to go back to Eze in spite of everything.

Her confusion is whether she should return to Eze because of the children or just walk away from him and the children and go start her life afresh somewhere far away. She’s really confused!

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