3 Indian Actors You Probably Don’t Know Are Dead In On-Going Drama

There are three Bollywood stars who many ZeeWorld fans probably do not know are dead in three of the four on-going dramas on DSTV channel 166.

Renuka Bondre (Hema, Vydia’s aunt in The Vow)


The actress died on the night of July 15 2010 due to a massive heart attack. In the on-going drama, The Vow, she plays the role of Hema, Vidya’s aunt and Shalu’s highly melodramatic mother who is always using her daughter in her schemes to get more money.

Bondre died at the age of 35. According to reports, she was on set till her last day.


Ajay Wadhavkar (Manav’s Father in Sacred Ties)


Versatile Hindi and Marathi actor also a great comedian, Ajay Wadhavkar passed away on February 27, 2015.

The veteran actor, who got popular with Ganpat Hawaldar with DD’s Nukkad, suffered from diabetes and throat cancer for a long time. He was under treatment at Nanavati hospital in Mumbai.

The actor was last seen in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta (sacred Ties), where he was seen playing the role of Damodar Rao Deshmukh, Sushant Singh Rajput’s (Manav) father in the serial.

Ajay was known for his acting dexterity.


Mohan Bhandari (Saloni’s Father)


On September 24, 2015 actor Mohan Bhandari departed the world leaving his family, friends and fans. Been one of the most recognizable faces of the small screen, Bhandari also dabbled in movie roles and acting in films.

He was said to be one of the busiest actors during the 80s. However, after that, he was completely out from the industry till 1994, where he was again noticed in a popular TV show, titiled, ‘Saat Phere’ (Saloni), where he played the father of a female protagonist called Saloni.

Bhandari had portrayed some of the most memorable roles on the small screen in TV shows like Saat Phere (Saloni), Kitty Party and Parampara.

The veteran Tv actor who had seen many ups and downs in his life died after a long battle with brain tumour.