30-YearOld-Man Who Killed Wife For Receiving Money From ‘Lover’ Via Phone Dies

30-YearOld-Man Who Killed Wife For Receiving Money From ‘Lover’ Via Phone Dies



A 30-year-old man from Rukwa region in Tanzania who, on August 25, killed his wife over cheating allegations has died.

Frank Garimoshi, a resident of Chala Location in Nkasi, Rukwa region, died on the night of September 2 at a Rukwa hospital where he was admitted after attempting suicide.

Garimoshi tried stabbing himself to death shortly after murdering his 29-year-old wife, Tabitha Mwanyanje.

Mwanyanje was on August 25 fatally stabbed in the neck by Garimoshi after receiving funds from another man through her phone.

The 29-year-old woman, who was a primary school teacher, and her spouse had quarreled before the incident, with Garimoshi accusing his wife of infidelity.

The couple’s neighbour, Safina Kambeu, told Tanzania’s Global Publishers that the two had, recently, gotten into unending marital dispute over claims that Mwanyanje was cheating on her partner.

“The husband set several traps on different occasions, but none caught his wife cheating,” said Kambeu.

Rukwa region police boss, Justus Masejo, said Mwanyanje’s killing happened at 4pm following a quarrel over money sent to the deceased’s phone by another man.

“After receiving the mobile money message, Garimoshi began accusing his wife of soliciting funds from her paramour. A resultant argument between the couple ensued. During the melee, Garimoshi reached for a kitchen knife and stabbed his wife several times in different parts of her body, including the neck, consequently killing her on the spot,” said Masejo.

Upon learning that Mwanyanje had died, Garimoshi attempted suicide by stabbing himself in different parts of his body.

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“His suicide attempt was unsuccessful,” said Masejo, adding: “We arrested and took him to hospital. Once he is out of danger, we will charge him with murder and attempted suicide.”

However, Garimoshi died eight days later; before he could book a date with the justice system.

News of his death was confirmed by Masejo, the Rukwa region police boss.

“The police unit condemns what Garimoshi did. If one has any problems with his or her spouse, there are many amicable ways of resolving differences, violence that leads to the loss of lives should not be employed in conflict resolution,” said Masejo.

Garimoshi’s family took his body for burial on September 3.