4 Relationship Tips For Partners Separated By COVID-19 Lockdown

The lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has crippled so many things. It is also affecting relationships especially partners who are miles apart. But should the lockdown put an end to any beautiful relationship or remove the spark? No, it shouldn’t.

For partners who are separated by distance, not being able to see your partner might cause some anxiety about your relationship. And that’s because you cannot travel or step out of your house due to the lockdown enforced by the government. So, it’s natural to feel frustrated that you cannot be with your loved one at this time. But try to keep in mind that it’s not their fault but the situation on the ground as we all need to keep safe by social distancing as well as maintaining some form of hygiene.

AngieD has highlighted four ways you can keep the spark alive in your relationships during this period.

Do video call/date

Well, since you’re distance apart, video calls will bring you close to each other. So prepare for the video call as if you’re going on a date with your partner. Freshen up, do your hair and your makeup. Also, wear beautiful clothes or lingerie depending on the purpose of the video date. Just ensure the environment is right for your video call/date. The truth is that looking into each other’s eyes and hearing each other’s voices can make everything feel alright again.

Communicate regularly

It’s important to keep communication channels open with your partner during this period as this will keep you both emotionally connected. Try to update your partner on your life as well as things happening around you.  Endeavour to talk to each other a few times a day which could be through phone calls, WhatsApp or even text message. You should talk about the good things and your concerns as this will help to build intimacy with your partner and give them the inside view of your world even when you’re far away. Also, you could send each other pictures, audio clips or short videos from time to time.  Doing all these will make your partner feel loved, cherished and attended to. But most of all, it will keep your love sizzling.

Send unexpected romantic messages

Another way to keep the spark in your relationship during this lockdown is to send lovely unexpected romantic messages to your partner twice or thrice a day. Your partner will truly appreciate and love this.

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Make Fun Plans

Well, the fact that you both cannot see yourself for some weeks, doesn’t mean you cannot make plans for the next time you will see each other. Try to discuss the fun things you will do together when the lockdown is finally over. This will create something that you both can look forward to. It could be spending the weekend at a resort and catching up. Just think of fun things you can do together.

So, don’t allow this lockdown come in between your relationship. So, do exciting things to keep the romance sizzling.