5 Must-Haves For Summer

Fashion changes faster than the weather. Each season demands new trends and styles and it is essential to update your wardrobe every now and then. Summer is highly fashion-friendly as it lets you try out so many different varieties of clothing. But having too many choices often means a messy closet and an abyss of untouched apparels.  You may end up wearing the same thing over and over again as you are confused about what is season appropriate and what is not.

But don’t worry below is the list of 5 must-haves for your summer.

Warm White shirt

We are pretty sure you own a white shirt. This is why you may discard this as a silly tip. But we are here to tell you how to style a plain white top and put together a classy and elegant outfit. You can couple a versatile white tee with a pair of skinny high waisted jeans, short skirt, or a slip dress. You can choose from ribbed tight-fitting shirts, turtlenecks or simple boatneck tees. You can add a jacket or a breezy blazer over the shirt to enhance your overall look. If you do not have a classic white button-up shirt, it is time you buy one as it is a perennial must-have for almost every occasion. You can always pair it with flared jeans for a casual day or with a hip metallic skirt and some statement jewelry for a party. Flaunt a white shirt and be effortlessly chic this spring.


Jaunty Jumpsuit

Ah! The jumpsuit is one of the oldest and most popular fashion apparel. It comes in so many patterns, suited for various occasions. Jumpsuits and rompers can be picked either when you wish to look Vogue ready or even when you just wish to recreate your cheerful flower girl years. They complement all body types and skin tones. This year take your vacation vibe up a notch with bright colored jumpsuits such as red ruffled jumpsuits. Top the look with some red lipstick and live a little.  


Jazzy Jacket


Jackets do not have to stop at good old denim jackets. Today jackets have become such an adaptable trend that they can be mix and matched in multiple ways. You could even try on some neutral blazers too. Layer lightweight jackets over a sundress, or a T-shirt and leggings we are sure you are going to be praised for your impressive sense in fashion.


Trendy tank tops


Tank tops have now become such a cute style. They come in so many colors, prints, and designs. They can be teamed up with shorts or worn under sheer netted shrugs. Do you have plans of hitting the gym to gain some muscle mass and accomplish your summer body goals? Then sporty tank tops are apt for working out too.


Comfy cotton trousers


Trousers are loved by many as they are extremely comfortable. They are such an easy trend and can transform your regular outfit into a high fashion one instantly. You can go on an endless shopping spree for trousers but still run short, as there are so many options to choose from. Upgrade your wardrobe with some plaid pants, flared trousers, and wide leg pants. You can wear them to a mid-day brunch event, a fun party or even an office meeting. So ladies put on your boss lady pants and go rock the world.

It is quite hard to narrow down a must-have list to 5 items. But this is an array of the most basic yet most important wardrobe essentials. We know you ‘must have’ most of these apparels, but if you don’t own something, please go ahead and buy them already.  Pull off some of these appealing combos and you are definitely going to be ‘poppin’ like a popsicle this summer.



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Jessica Smith has been writing articles for e-business and e-lance sites for more than 4 years. She has a Masters in English and journalism which gives her a broad platform to write on a variety of topics with ease and efficiency. She is an independent writer who enjoys writing on fashion and lifestyle.