5 Naughty Tips to Guarantee Great Sex

5 Naughty Tips to Guarantee Great Sex



Lockdown got us all super bored, but those quarantining with their partners have a great chance to get nasty and have a lot of sexy fun. No matter if you became an item relatively recently or if you’re a senior married couple, you can always make your sex life better and more exciting.

So, if you feel like there’s space to improve your performance in bed, here are a few naughty tips that will spice up your sex life.

Work on your foreplay

Grabbing your partner, ripping their clothes off and having a quickie can be so much fun. However, foreplay should not be neglected, especially in relationships that involve women (it makes sex more pleasant). If you have the entire night to play with each other, set at least 20 minutes aside for foreplay. You can gently explore and tease your partner or you can introduce some blindfolds, restraints, ice cubes, food, feathers or whatever turns you on. You can also send some naughty photos and texts to each other during the day to start foreplay early!

Talk dirty to them

Many couples find dirty talk a little awkward, but there’s absolutely no reason to perceive it in that way. Words are such an easy, flexible and effective tool to make sex better and more interesting. You can come up with all sorts of naughty phrases and even stories to tell to your partner, but if you find it hard to think as things get heated, you can just be vocal about your pleasure with moaning and some words of encouragement.

Get into role-playing

When you start pretending that you’re someone else, the rules go flying out the window pretty fast. No matter if you’re a daring person or a shy sweetheart, role-play will make you feel free and fun. Right now we all have time to come up with some exciting scenarios and interesting characters, so why not bring them to life and into your bedroom? Here are some ideas: you’re an employee in a big company having a thing for your boss. Or, you two are a pair of perfect strangers meeting at a bar (or at your kitchen counter) for the first time. If you need some naughty props, find an adult shop online and invest in a few costume pieces and fun toys to experiment with. When you mix toys and role-play, satisfaction is guaranteed!

Move out of the bedroom

Bedroom sex is amazing, not going to lie. It’s safe, comfortable and familiar. However, it can get boring pretty fast. So, give yourself a change of scenery for a much better sexual experience. Get out of the bedroom and do it in various parts of your house. For instance, you can move to the couch, which is still pretty comfy. But, since you’re having sex in a semi-public room, it has a taboo vibe that can make your experience so much better. Just grab plenty of cushions and you can get into all sorts of positions—standing, sitting or lying down. You might want to start working on your fitness as you begin to explore all the fun and tricky places to have sex with your SO!

Ditch your sex schedule

Unexpected sex can drive anyone crazy and make them feel super sexy and wanted. When you’re “ambushed”, your senses are heightened and you can enjoy your encounter so much more, so make sure to ditch your regular sex schedule (after a shower in the evening for most couples) and try something new. For instance, wait until they pop in the shower, slip into the bathroom and give them a little surprise when they pull the curtains aside. Or, you can embark for your dinner date, but just as you start your car, pretend like you forgot something. When you both go back to the house to look for your “forgotten thing”, jump your partner!

Are you sexually satisfied? Well, even if you rate your sex life pretty high on the scale, there are always ways you can improve and enjoy this intimate act more. Have fun, love birds!

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Peter Minkoff is a guest writer and editor at High Style Life