5 Rules Of Making Perfect Cup Of Coffee At Home

A good cup of coffee in the morning can lift your spirits and improve your whole day. If you’re in a hurry, you might choose to simply buy a cup of coffee instead of making one at home. However, doing that too often can get pricey, and why would you do it anyway when you can make a perfect cup of coffee to fit all your needs by yourself?

So, regardless of the type of coffee you prefer, here are five rules of making a perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Buy fresh beans, and keep them fresh

Everything tastes better when fresh, including coffee. So, try to buy your coffee beans from a local seller, or roast your own if you can. This is the best way to ensure that your coffee will be made from the freshest beans, which means that it will have a rich flavor every time.

Also, store your beans in an airtight container. For example, ceramic pots and glass jars with rubber gaskets are good options. Just don’t put the beans in your fridge, and don’t freeze them. Fresh beans are best kept at room temperature, so you can simply store them in your kitchen cabinet.

Get good coffee

When it comes to your coffee, you’re allowed to be a bit “snobbish”, since good coffee is definitely worth every penny. There are two major types of coffee bean – Robusta and Arabica. Out of the two, Arabica is considered to be better. It also comes in more different flavors, so you should definitely look for such beans. So, if you’re looking for a coffee that can really give you the kick you need in the morning, choose the strongest coffee bean blend of your personal choice.

Use good water

When making the perfect coffee, everything matters, even the water you use. Tap water with chlorine or bad quality water that tastes off can ruin your coffee. Therefore, use bottled spring water, or install a water filter on your tap. Also, it’s all about the minerals in the water, so don’t opt for distilled water.

Moreover, the temperature of the water affects the taste of your coffee as well. If you pour at a higher temperature, around 95°C, you’ll extract more flavor from the beans and get a coffee that tastes much better.

Choose quality filters

A good coffee-machine is not the only tool you need for making the perfect coffee. You should also have a good coffee filter, and this is something you shouldn’t skimp on. Choose “dioxin-free” or “oxygen-bleached” filters. Or, if you can afford it, invest in a long-lasting gold-plated filter, which is designed to give your coffee the best possible flavor.

Keep your equipment clean

If you want every cup of coffee to be the best it could possibly be, you should clean your equipment after every use. Your storage containers should also be cleaned every few weeks in order to remove any oily buildup. If you have an automated coffee machine, you can simply clean the pod and cup. On the other hand, if you’re using a drip coffee machine, you should also clean the filter. If you don’t clean your equipment, the flavors could overlap and you wouldn’t get the taste you were looking for.

Making a perfect cup of coffee is a great way to start your morning. So, make sure your coffee beans are always fresh and your equipment always clean. Use quality filters, and don’t underestimate the importance of water. Keep these five rules in mind, and you’ll manage to make a perfect cup of coffee whenever you need it.



Peter Minkoff is a guest write and editor at High Street Life