5 Things Every Man Needs To Know About Fashion

It is a well-known fact that dressing well makes your life both easier and better. From potential partners finding you more attractive to being more likely to get promoted and advance in your career, dressing well gives you endless powerful benefits.

So, if you want to improve your personal style and better your life, here are the most important things every man needs to know about fashion.

1. Clothing hygiene is essential

Taking proper care of your clothes is extremely important, as being clean tells a lot about your level of hygiene to the world. Wearing clothes that look faded or worn out, on the other hand, may look like you either don’t wash them enough or you wash them too often. You can easily take good care of your clothes by simply washing them according to the washing instructions on the tag and steaming them or ironing them at the appropriate heat, as directed. Not only will taking care of your clothes help you look polished and put-together at all times, but it will also save you the need for regularly shopping for new clothes in your closet.

2. Finding the right fit

In order to always look stylish and refined, you need to find that ‘trim but not too tight’ happy medium that’s right for your body. Even though the focus is usually on suits and formal wear, many men fail to realize that casual clothing is just as important. That means that jeans and T-shirts shouldn’t be too baggy and tucked-in shirts shouldn’t be too voluminous. Likewise, skin-tight clothes aren’t the best option either. Find that happy medium and your personal style will look more elevated, regardless of what you are wearing. But just how your clothes should fit you properly, so should your undergarments. So, find some great men’s sexy underwear that simply fits right, makes you feel good, and gives you proper support, and see your confidence grow.

3. Buying timeless clothing

Instead of following the latest trends and fads, the best idea would always be to invest in versatile, timeless pieces, in order to construct a cohesive and functional wardrobe. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on an item in order to look good, but it is important to opt for something that will be in style even in ten year’s time if you want to get the most out of your clothes. This includes classic shapes and cuts that are always fashionable, as well as neutral colors that add versatility and interchangeability to your items, such as a staple button-down shirt or a basic white T-shirt that you can pair with almost anything in your closet, from jeans to dress trousers.

4. Investing in good shoes

Good shoes add value to a man and they can truly make or break any outfit, so if you can only get one thing in your wardrobe right, let it be your shoes. It’s important to opt for footwear that looks sleek and polished, but that is comfortable enough not to cause any problems, and also versatile enough to be worn to almost any occasion. So, if you’ve never had a great pair of shoes, now’s the perfect time to invest in your footwear. Start with two pairs, one formal and one casual, such as a pair of leather Oxford shoes and basic white or black sneakers, then build your shoe collection from there, according to your lifestyle and your personal needs.

5. Every man needs accessories

Even though you may not think about it often, accessories should be an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, as they can truly pull the whole outfit together and make you look more refined. Such accessories include cufflinks, ties, belts, wristwatches and sunglasses, and it’s always good to have a few options in order to easily make an outfit more formal or more casual. For example, a tie and a dark belt would be perfect for a formal event, while a lighter belt and a pair of good sunglasses will elevate any casual outfit.

Sometimes it’s not just about the clothes you wear, but also knowing how to wear them, and with these incredible tips above, there’s no denying you’ll always look stylish and exude confidence wherever you go.

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