5 Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship Past The Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase…everything is lovely and the two of you just can’t get enough of one another but once the honeymoon phase is over, how do you move past it and strengthen your relationship?  Here are five steps to strengthen your relationship past the honeymoon phase.


Communicate in values

Every individual has a unique set of values or priorities in life. These values determine how they perceive the world and what they believe is most important in life. This applies to your partner and to your children. If you are able to communicate in a person’s values and have them understand how your request will serve their values, you will find that they will be open and willing to do whatever you ask. This will alleviate tension and make the communication process much more fulfilling for you, your partner and your children.

Value your time

Focus on high priority items and prioritize your tasks. You will find yourself more productive and therefore lessen the pressure you may be putting yourself under. Learn to love and appreciate yourself as you are and don’t buy into the idea that you need to be a super mom.

Allow yourself to ask for help

We all need a little help at times and there are always people, whether they are friends, family or paid help, willing to be there to fill in areas you are not able to do yourself. Be willing to ask for help and enjoy the benefits of delegating lower priority tasks and the things you may not enjoy doing to others who are more inspired to fulfill them.

Don’t sacrifice your dreams

You may be a wife and you may be a mother, but outside of that you also have other goals, dreams and aspirations. Rather than buying into the idea of having to put these on hold, why not ask yourself how you can work on them all. This is not about being a super mum or having to prove you simply can. It is about recognizing there are other things you enjoy and love to do as an individual and doing what it takes to make time for these also.

Allow yourself to take a break

Make time for yourself. Whether it is a day or even just a few hours doing what you love to do. Giving more to yourself will mean you have more to give your husband and children.

Source: thesexysinglemommy