5 Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners In 2021

The article describes five virtual assistant jobs for beginners in 2021 that can help you in the digital operations during the COVID-19 and can assist in maintaining the workflow.

COVID-19 has brought endless opportunities with some potential challenges. So if you are also willing to work from home and manage your own hours according to your flexibility, remote virtual assistant jobs are waiting for you. Determine some virtual assistant jobs that you can do in your home.

Where on one hand, companies are hiring remote software developers, on the other hand, they are hiring virtual assistants that help big companies manage their online operations in a seamless manner.

The transformation to digitization and work from home has forced companies to hire remote developers, content writers, virtual assistants, project managers, and many more employees that help control operations in the digital environment.

So as working from home is becoming a new normal, you must be looking for a job as a virtual assistant that aligns with your expertise and experience.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is one who performs the tasks and activities of the company online. One of the major things about virtual assistants is that they are independent contractors that can have multiple clients at the same time. Moreover, a virtual assistant gets the flexibility to work and also remotely from anywhere.

Some jobs of virtual assistants allow work at the hours you want so you can manage the hours accordingly if you are working on more than one project. So this is an amazing thing that you can choose the model of your work according to your availability and skills. As a virtual assistant, you can make payments to foreign contractors for services.


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Virtual Assistant Jobs

Below are some virtual assistant jobs that are popular. While hiring remote developers, companies are also hiring virtual assistants to manage certain operations in a remote environment.

  1. Social Media Management

Social media management is one job of a virtual assistant. It involves the posting of content and planning of the entire content schedule that represents the activities and updates of the company. The job of social media management involves creativity and some dedicated time for media skills so that the audience could be engaged. A virtual assistant can seamlessly do this job and provide regular services to the companies remotely.


 2. Content Creation

For online marketing agencies or companies developing their own software projects, content creation is critically important. A virtual assistant provides facilities and activities that are required from content writers. For instance, if you are a writer, a designer, or a photographer. Your responsibility would be to create content that helps you perform tasks seamlessly and provide unique content to engage the audience.


3. Office Administration

The job of a virtual assistant as an office administrator is responsible for performing the tasks that are supposed to manage all the operations of the office. These tasks include providing support to the customer through calls and answering their queries. Management of calendars and scheduling of all the appointments in a week is also the responsibility of an office administrator. Being a virtual assistant, you have the role of booking all the travel dealings and the needs of the catering and typing the letters.

You will be reporting to the higher administration and all these tasks are considered very important as they are somehow connected to the important parties with which the company is working.

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4. Research

The virtual assistant would be responsible for conducting extensive research on the subject. So if your company is planning to develop new projects, research would be required to analyze the competitors in the market and look for the development gap that your company could provide to increase the brand image and the mark in the industry.


5. Secretarial Support

During the advent of COVID-19, it has become critically important for the CEOs and project managers to hire their own secretaries that provide all the information and help you manage operations seamlessly. The role of the secretary is to make appointments with the clients, make bookings of restaurants and hotels that could help in entertainment and traveling. Not only this, business and professional promotion should also be taken into consideration while making the dealings and performing tasks of managers.



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