7 DIY Natural Ways To Help Relieve Period Cramps

For ladies who experience those soul-crushing period cramps every month, it is very important to look for ways to help reduce the cramps.

Menstrual cramps or period pain is a condition where a woman experiences mild or severe abdominal pain during the menstrual cycle,

So, do you experience period cramps every month? Are you tired of going through this pain and need some relief?

Below are five easy and natural do-it-yourself tips and tricks that will definitely come in handy every month to help soothe your menstrual cramps.

Drink lots of water

You should try to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Drinking adequate water is good for your body. Then during your periods, your body needs more water. So, you need to maintain a stable intake of water.

Make ginger, other herbs your friend

Ginger is a wonder herb that can effectively ease menstrual cramps. It plays a key role in lowering the levels of pain-causing prostaglandins. The heat from the tea also helps to give some much-needed comfort to the distressed muscles.

To use ginger as period pain relief, you should grate a small piece of ginger and boil it for five minutes. Strain it, add a little honey and lemon juice. You should drink this ginger tea three times a day during your menstrual cycle. It will help you feel much better.

You can also opt for other herbal teas like Chamomile, peppermint, green tea, and others to relieve you from fatigue and also help decrease the amount of pain you experience.

Heat – Use a hot water bottle

Using a hot water bottle or heating pad during menstrual cramps is one of the easiest and most relaxing remedies that you can put to use. The heat from the bag helps to relax the contracting muscles in your uterus and those adjacent to them which is the cause of the pain. The hot water bottle can also be placed in the lower back to fight back pain during menstruation

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Try light exercise

Women avoid exercises during menstruation due to excessive pain but studies have found that performing mild exercises like walking, light stretching and yoga can help greatly. Performing these exercises will also release endorphins which are a natural pain reliever to cramps.

Massage with coconut oil

You can have a self-massage to help relax the pelvic muscles and also help in fighting cramps. A massage using coconut oil will work.

Give yourself a massage for about 15 minutes for effective results. Also, when doing the massage, you should target specific points in the abdomen, back, and side.

Drink Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon is not very popular in this part of the world; however, they are sold in the market and supermarkets. You can get it in powder or stick form.  Cinnamon has antispasmodic, anti-clotting, and anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve menstrual pain. Also, cinnamon is an excellent source of dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and manganese.

To help with period pain, make cinnamon tea by stirring one-fourth teaspoon of cinnamon powder into a cup of hot water. Allow it sit for up to five minutes, add a little honey, and then sip it slowly.

Avoid coffee

If you’re a lover of coffee, then, it’s advisable to reduce your coffee consumption during your period that’s because coffee is a well-known vasoconstrictor – It’s the narrowing (constriction) of blood vessels by small muscles in their walls.

Drinking coffee while on your period can make your cramp significantly worse. Drinking caffeine-filled drinks like tea and coffee can increase your estrogen levels, which can make PMS symptoms worse.

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So, if you’re a die-hard coffee drinker and can’t do without it entirely, try to avoid it at least a week before your period to save yourself the period pains when you’re on.