7 Lies Women Tell Themselves If They Are In An Unhappy Relationship

No one wants to be in an unhappy relationship, absolutely not! But, when you find yourself in one, you try to tell yourself some lies just to assure yourself that your relationship is a happy one especially when you are head over heels in love with the person.

So, let’s look at 7 lies you will probably tell yourself if you find yourself in an unhappy relationship.

“At Least this Is Better Than Being Single”

Being single is not easy especially when you are 30 and above, however, it is still better than being miserable with your partner. An unhappy relationship enslaves you, whereas at least you are free when you’re single to do whatever you desire.

 “After All My Relationship Is Not The Worst On Earth”

Really? Just because he has not started hitting, you tell yourself this lie but deep down you know it’s a possibility and it could even be worse in the nearest future. You tell yourself this lie so that you could stop yourself from ending this relationship. The truth is that you deserve the best. You deserve to be in a happier and more loving relationship.

“Every Relationship Has It’s Up’s And Downs”

Sure every relationship has its ups and downs but if the downs are more than the ups, then, you should know you are in an unhappy relationship. Happy relationships have more ups than they have downs. Unhappy relationships are the kind where you feel miserable 24/7, and where you have to do everything you can just to get crumbs of happiness.

 “Things Will Change Once …”

Things will change once what? “When you get pregnant, he gets a new job; he works on his mood swing problem, quit drinking, womanizing or even stays far away from his family or friends?” For instance once all these things are achieved but you are still unhappy in your relationship, then what next? This lie could go on and on, and it’s a serious symptom of an unhappy relationship and a serious pointer that it’s time for a change.

“Time Heals Everything”

If you’re happy in a relationship, you wouldn’t be relying on time instead you would be talking to your partner about how to resolve your issues.  But if you have wounds in your relationship that has not healed for over a year, I suggest, it’s time to stop relying on time and wear your thinking cap. Stop thinking with your heart and come to terms that you are in an unhappy relationship.

“Nobody Understands Him Better Than I Do”

When your friends or people around you and your partner tell you the truth about your unhappy relationship, it will get to a point that you will start defending him. You will trot out the line that they just don’t understand him like you do. It’s too easy to ignore their concerns and lie to yourself that he’s “different” when he is alone with you. The truth is that these people often see more than you think.

 “He Didn’t Mean To Hurt My Feelings”

Your partner keeps hurting you over and over and instead of facing reality; you don’t only lie to yourself but also make excuses that he didn’t mean to hurt your feeling. You keep repeating this lie until you believe it. It only shows that you’re in an unhappy relationship.

Agreed that relationships do take a lot of work, but your relationship should not be so much work that all it does is give you pain and heartache therefore making you unhappy.

The truth is that when you’re in an unhappy relationship, it’s easy to magnify the few good things your partner does for you and get excited by them. But at the same time, you should be able to think with your head to know when to walk out of that relationship which only makes you unhappy because you deserve the best!