7 Things You Should Not Tolerate In Your Relationship

No relationship is perfect. However, your relationship should make you feel excited and happy about life, love and not stifled or unloved.

In fact, disagreements and fights are a part of every healthy relationship because of the different beliefs and views of individuals involved. However, there should be transparency if you want your relationship to last long.

Many people stay in unhappy relationships just because of the fear of being alone or they believe they can’t picture their life without the person, even if their current situation doesn’t truly full fill them anymore.

Everyone deserves respect, compassion, and love in relationships, but if you don’t feel as though your partner gives those to you, you might want to rethink your relationship with him or her.

Before you enter into any relationship, you should bear at the back of your mind that a relationship is about compromising, and finding the middle ground, but not when it comes to these seven areas:


People cheat in a relationship for different reasons. That’s why it’s said that relationship is sometimes complicated. People claim that they are not happy in their relationship, so they look for love and affection elsewhere.

Sometimes, people cheat not because they have fallen out of love, or even out of spite. It could be because of problems in their relationship such as the passion has faded, partners feel lonely, a partner finds someone who treats them better or who appreciates them more than their current partner, and so on. The reason is endless.

However, you can forgive your partner if it’s a one-off thing, and if both of you still want to make things work.


Relationship should be based on trust and not lies. Lying about things like your whereabouts, finances, family background and other little but important issues should not be tolerated.

Any Sort Of Abuse

One doesn’t have to hit you in order to be called abusive. Abuse can be physical, verbal, as well as sexual. Physical abuse comes with bruises you can see, but emotional abuse is characterized by manipulative comments and controlling behaviour that cause low self-esteem. So, in your relationship, anything that makes you feel disrespected, manipulated, scared or unsafe, in any way, requires your attention. If your partner is not willing to work with you, walk away. You don’t have to die in silence.

Disrespecting Each Other In Front Of Others

Don’t wash your dirty laundry in public. Keep your fights private, and your taunts even more so. A man or woman who takes pleasure in disrespecting you in front of others does not deserve your love.

Stifling Each Other’s Goals

A good partner is one who helps you become the best version of yourself. He/she should support your dreams and goals. Whether it is professionally or personally, you should feel encouraged and supported by your partner. So, you should never tolerate a partner who gets jealous or tries to undermine your success because a truly supportive partner will encourage you and help you every step of the way.

Your Partner Not Publicly Acknowleding Your Relationship

If you and your partner have mutually agreed to start a committed relationship, then it shouldn’t be a secret. Unless, of course, there are reasons both of you have chosen to keep it under wraps. But, if that is not the case with your relationship, yet he/she won’t introduce you to friends or family, then, consider it a red flag. If you are spending time on this relationship, then you deserve recognition.

A Partner Who Doesn’t Listen

Both of you should feel comfortable talking honestly and openly to each other about anything. If your partner always makes you feel like your opinion or thoughts don’t matter, this means he or she doesn’t really value you as a person. And you should never tolerate this sort of behaviour in a relationship.