9 Hair Mistakes You’re Unknowingly Making And How To Avoid Them

Every woman definitely wants to flaunt her beautiful, healthy hair. But sometimes in trying to take care of our hair and look good, we unintentionally do our hair and scalp more harm than good.

We’re all guilty of at least one or more of these hair mistakes. Below are some of the most common hair mistakes and how to avoid them.

Washing hair with hot water

Many women are regular offenders when it comes to this hair mistake. Washing your hair with hot water strips the scalp of its natural oils. It can also dry out your hair and damage the delicate skin on your scalp. Hence, it’s preferable to wash hair with cold water when the weather is hot and with lukewarm water when the weather is cold.

Failure to trim split ends

Trimming split ends prevents your hair from getting split even further. If you want your hair to grow healthy, then, your stylist should give you a quick trim at least once every two or three months. Depending on how bad the split ends are. You should note that the longer you stay without snipping your hair, the higher the split ends will grow.

Blow drying wet hair

Before you blow dry your hair whether at the salon or at home, ensure your hair is damp, not dripping wet. So, wrap your hair in a towel for at least 5 -7 minutes, before blow-drying hair. You should also not blow dry hair for more than 20 minutes.

Braiding or fixing immediately after retouching

Some women are always in a hurry to braid or fix their hair immediately after retouching. That’s a major hair mistake. First, your hair may still retain some chemicals from the relaxer. Also, your hair is still too fragile, therefore, cannot withstand the tension caused by fixing or braids as this may lead to hair damage such as hair breakage. Hence, stylist advice that you fix or braid your hair at least two weeks after retouching to allow your hair to breathe as well as regain its strength.

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Vigorously towel drying hair

Most times we even love it when stylists vigorously dry our hair after washing. However, this is a major hair mistake that should be avoided. When the hair follicles are under friction, they end up breaking. Instead, gently pat dry your hair from the roots to the ends with a soft towel as wet hair is very delicate.

Brushing/combing wet hair

Brushing or combing your wet hair is a common mistake that many women are guilty of making. Wet hair is more prone to tangling so combing or brushing your wet hair makes it more susceptible to breakage and damage. Instead, first, run your fingers through your hair to separate the locks before combing from the roots to the ends using a wide-toothed comb to work through hair instead of a brush.

Wearing braids for too long

Braids are a great protective style designed to help your hair grow. However, when braids are worn for too long, it can cause hair breakage and breakage around the edges especially micro braids. Braids should be worn at least between 6 -8 weeks. Wearing braids for 12 weeks or more will result in breakage.

Wearing tight hairstyles

It’s good to spot beautiful hairstyles but avoid hairstyles that are really tight just because your stylist convinced you that tight braids or styles will last longer. It would be better to do hairstyles that will last for a short period of time but will protect your follicles. Tight braids will lead to repeated stress on your hair and scalp, which can lead to breakage and hair loss.

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Wrong use of hairdryer

When a hairdryer is used wrongly, it can cause damage to your hair.  First, wipe wet hair with a towel, next, take a flat nozzle attachment and fit into a hairdryer. Dry your hair from roots to ends, making sure that the dryer nozzle is positioned at a sharp angle to the hair strands to help close the cuticles. Also, as the hair gets dry, the temperature should be reduced to avoid over-drying.

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