A friend Invited Me To A Wedding, I Got There And It Was My Husband’s Wedding

Dear Angie,

I recently reconnected with Brenda, my best friend way back in secondary school. Everyone admired our kind of friendship. We behaved alike – jovial, always smiling and naughty sometimes as well. But we lost contact immediately after secondary school. Back then there was nothing like mobile phones, internet or social media.

But thanks to social media, we reconnected via Facebook and she encouraged me to join our secondary school alumni group on WhatsApp and Facebook and I did. I was really excited to reconnect with some of my classmates I had not seen in many years.

Brenda resides in Abuja with her husband and two kids while my marriage is just four years old with no kids yet. I was proud to inform her that I married the love of my life – a man with a beautiful soul. So loving and caring.Some weeks ago Brenda informed me that she was coming to Lagos for a very close friend’s wedding and pleaded that we go together. At first, I was reluctant but since my husband had told me about his official trip scheduled for that same weekend I promised to go with her.


Excitedly, we linked up at her cousin’s house that beautiful Saturday morning. We were so excited to finally see each other after many years. As we drove down to the reception venue, we reminisced about our secondary school days.

When we arrived at the venue, we spotted the newlywed taking photographs surrounded by family, friends, and well-wishers. The beautiful bride was all smiles and the groom looked dashing in his black suit. But at a close look, I noticed that the groom looks a lot like my husband. Well, to be certain, I walked slowly towards them and behold he was the one. I was shocked to my bone marrows.

When the bride sighted Brenda, she immediately signalled that she should come and take photos with them. Brenda pulled me to join them as well. It was as if my feet were glued to the ground as I couldn’t move. I was furious and devastated but I had to control myself as I stood close to Brenda and posed for a photograph with them. When my husband saw me, he froze since I was the last person he expected to be at his wedding. But I gave a fake smile so that nobody will figure out who I actually was while I was burning inside. Even Brenda didn’t know that the man her friend just got married to was my husband.

After the photo session, I lied to Brenda that I suddenly fell ill and needed to go home. I assured her I will be fine and then left. “How can my husband lie to me that he was going on an official trip, only to go and get married?” I asked myself. I tried to wrap my head around why he could take such huge step but I couldn’t find any answers. He hid his affairs so well that I never suspected him.

And then, I got this WhatsApp message from him. “After more than a year of being jobless, I got a very good paying job. However, during the interview, the MD (my new wife) asked me if I was married and I lied that I wasn’t as I needed the job badly. And that was my greatest mistake. Trust me, this wedding wasn’t meant to happen but she’s pregnant. And she’s still unaware of my marital status. I will explain the situation of things better when we get back from our honeymoon in a fortnight. Please forgive me, if you can. Love you always.”

Really, how I’m I supposed to react? How would you feel if you attended a wedding and the groom is your own husband? I mean your husband of four years. Will you laugh, cry, cause a scene or quietly walk away. What if I didn’t find out myself, would he have told me about this secret? Does he think marriage is a game of chase? I have been a good and faithful wife but I’m not God who gives children. How should I react when I see again?

Right now I’m a woman in desperate need of advice after discovering this shocking secret about her husband. I’m very confused and hurt. What should I do?