Actress Ireti Doyle’s Daughter Tarnishing Her Mother’s Reputation

Actress Ireti Doyle’s daughter is tarnishing her mother’s reputation.

Unless something drastic is done, Kachi Ngozi Onyeluo, the first daughter of actress Ireti Doyle will eventually destroy her mother’s reputation and the legacy of her acting career which spans two decades.

The married mother of one, who is a hair vendor and self-claimed biggest wig manufacturer in Africa, allegedly makes a living defrauding unsuspecting customers and entrepreneurs who desire to buy from her to resell. Through her Kachi Hair ventures, which is situated somewhere off Opebi, Ikeja, Kachi would post on her business social media handle, affordable and beautifully made wigs for retail customers, as well as offering mouthwatering deals to wholesalers. Many make payments into an account she provides, but that is where it ends.

Kachi neither delivers to her retail customers nor to the wholesalers, some of who pay millions of naira for the mouthwatering deals. And while many have tried unsuccessfully to either retrieve their money or get the product they paid for, Kachi carries on like everything is normal, even announcing hair sales every quarter in different cities.

Earlier this year, after refusing to deliver hair paid for, two of her workers were arrested by the police at the instance of a customer she defrauded. It was during a sales tour across the country, precisely at Enugu, while her staff was carrying out sales at the Olive Gate Hotels and Suite at Independence Layout, Enugu. After that incident, Kachi resolved to pay her debts to avoid further embarrassment. She issued out 16 cheques totaling N12 million to customers who had paid for hair and had waited for close to two years with no delivery made. The money refunded was between N77, 000 and N6.5 million. However, not all who paid for hair were refunded and despite her promise to refund everyone, she reneged on it.