Age Is Just A Number 9 September 2020 Update

Age Is Just A Number 9 September 2020 Update



Age is Just a Number 9 September 2020 update starts as Eunuchs chant slogans against Puneesh. Nani provokes them that this Puneesh Tiwari married their girl child daughter. Puneesh resists the grip of Eunuchs. Prachi was defensive but Bari Amma stops her to let them enjoy a bit. The eunuchs put show rope around his neck while blackening his face.

Vedika and Aarya leave the hall and comes to Puneesh’s room. Aarya finds a cell phone under his pillow and says Puneesh used this cell phone to make a call last night, it must be Ved. They check the log but it was a private number. Vedika closes her eyes thinking what Sahil would have done, she says Sahil would have said God helps those who help themselves. She tells Aarya to check any paper or address. She finds a message saying Bangalow number 173. She was determined to find it from anywhere. They hear Prachi and Puneesh coming towards the room. They then decide to go towards the other room. Aarya and Vedika were relieved.

Usha was feeding Jackie’s brother with her own hands. Jackie comes home. She tells him to take his place in Vaidika’s heart, as they need to be rich. Their electricity connection goes off at once. Jackie takes the connection for Vedika’s house climbing the wall. He hears Usha cheer that electricity is back. Jackie says he always feels there is a connection between them, even their electricity wires have combined. Vedika comes there and asks what he is up to? He fell off the wall while Vaidika supports him. Her dupatta was stuck in his hands, she removes it while Jackie pulls Vaidika closer by risk. Soon, his daydream breaks with Usha’s call.

Vedika reaches the area according to Puneesh’s messages and looks for Bangalow 173. She asks a shop keeper around who tells Vaidika there are 57 blocks in the locality, each having 173. Vedika notices it was a pharmacy and asks if someone purchased cancer medicines for a kid. The man says there was one and checks the register. Jackie climes into the Agarwal’s house through the window. He thinks he must make his need into Vaidika’s life, save Ved, loot their wealth, and flee. He wonders how he would fool Vedika.

Age is Just a Number 9 September 2020 update continues as Aarya comes there and wonders why Sahil is coming into his own house like thieves. Sahil asks Aarya about Vedika, he came with an idea to find Ved. Aarya says Vaidika has already gone to find Ved, she got some clues. Jackie was concerned about what if Vedika gets into trouble; she is already pregnant. He wonders why he is concerned for Vedika

Vedika reaches an address, with 173 written outside it. She thinks Sahil was right, one only has to think differently and problems can be solved. She recalls checking the date of her arrest in a register and found the address. Inside the godown, Bhoomi had been tied to a chair. Aarya and Ved hug with a rope while there were pots of boiling water under them. Puneesh appears from aside. Jackie comes to ask Nani about Vedika. Nani was clueless. He wonders why he is concerned if Vedika is fine or not. Puneesh tells Vaidika that today both her children are hanging over boiling water. Vedika grabs Puneesh’s collar for harassing innocent children.

Puneesh says she warned him and disgraced him repeatedly. He tells she and Aarya took advantage of him, but now Vaidika can save anyone of them as they are tied to a single rope. He says if Vaidika tries to save anyone, the other would fell into the pot of water. Veddika thinks she will save both her children.

Puneesh gives Vaidika an ultimatum of five minutes after which the rope will break itself because of increased tension. Vedika climbs wooden stairs to save Ved. Aarya’s side of the rope almost breaks. Everyone shut their eyes ready for Aarya to fell in burning acid. They open their eyes to find Aarya safe. Jackie had pulled the pot from beneath her. Vedika breathes of relief. Jackie finds the goons while Vedika frees Bhoomi. Puneesh signals his men to take Aarya while holding a stabber over Vedika. Jackie saves Vedika and sends them outside while promising to bring Aarya.

Outside, Vedika speaks to Ved. He says he is really a strong boy as his papa says. Bhoomi asks them to hurry home. A van stops in front of them, the goons kidnap Ved and Bhoomi again and flee. Vedika was hurt in her head and fells faint. Jackie carries Vedika home and rubs her hands. Vedika opens her eyes, pushes Jackie away, and says she needs to go and find her Ved.

Jackie pushes her back into a seat and asks what problem she has with him, she is bearing a child and acting crazily. He asks what problem she has with him. He accepts he made a fool of Vaidika by being Sahil, he did this and been doing in since his childhood; he has a mother, a sister, and a brother back at home to support.

He says he wants to help Vaidika at this time. He takes a seat with Vedika and says he isn’t Sahil, but he is also a good man. But right now he realizess that the child she bears is not like Vaidika and needs his help. He now speaks directly to her baby to ask Vedika to take his help. He turns to leave while offering his help. Vedika stops Jackie and comes outside. Jackie clarifies he can’t let her slap him.

Vaidikaasks if he will do a favor. She says she isn’t concerned about what he does, but from today he must work for her. She is ready to pay him any money, but he must live at the Agarwal’s house as Sahil. No one must realize at Agarwal’s house that he isn’t Sahil. He must also help her pull Agarwal house out of Puneesh’s devilish shackles and save Ved. Jackie asks why Vedika wants to help a family who disgraced her? He wonders what kind of a lady Vedika is.

Vedika asks if he would do it or not? Jackie holds her hand and agrees to help her. Vedika pulls her hand and says he must keep in mind, he only looks like Sahil and isn’t actual Sahil. Sahil boasts himself being a good man, and the world loves him as well.

Age is Just a Number 9 September 2020 update ends as Usha comes to Jackie from behind, cheerful, and appreciative of his tactic. She says he will loot them in front of their eyes and they won’t realize. They hug each other. Jackie thinks he doesn’t like it this time, he only wishes to help Vedika this time. What’s happening to him, Vedika is in his mind all the time.