All You Should Know About Telemundo’s New Series, Law Of The Heart

All You Should Know About Telemundo’s New Series, Law Of The Heart




Telemundo Africa will be introducing its first new telenovela of 2021 titled, Law of The Heart (La ley del corazón).

Law offices always seem so suited to sexy subtext as the partners, associates and their busybody staff go about their business of fighting for their version of justice.

This is the undercurrent in Telemundo’s new Colombian novela Law of the Heart, which premieres on Monday, February 15 at 21h00, replacing the repeat of False Identity.

It’s set at the… *think Spanish accent*: Cabal-Ortega-Domínguez and Associates Law Firm, which specializes in family law.

The show’s litigations are based on real-life cases (e.g. a transgender person fights for custody of a child in one of the first cases) and the lawyers’ personal lives are wrapped up in a lurve triangle.

The action centres round Pablo Dominguez and Julia Escallón, played by Luciano D’Alessandro (Operation Pacific, Decisions) and Laura Londoño (Narcos).

Pablo, one of the partners at the law firm, has recently divorced his wife Jemima and he’s having a rough time in the aftermath because he may lose the right to see his stepchildren, who he loves as his own.

Julia joins the law firm and boom! his life is about to change.

The bad news for him: Julia’s attentions are elsewhere because she’s engaged to marry Camilo (Sebastián Martínez) and thrilled about it.

The good news for Pablo: Julia’s life changes dramatically when she’s at the altar and about to say “I do”.

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The series was created by writer Mónica Agudelo (The Neighbour, Secrets of Paradise) who never got to see it on air as she died in 2012, four years before it debuted in Colombia.

It’s also known as Heart’s Decree and two remakes have been inspired by it, a Mexican version called Por amar sin ley and an American one called Big Law, which Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy was supposed to produce back in 2017 but it never materialized.

There are two seasons in total. The series has also managed to accumulate 11 awards alongside 21 nominations.