An Imperfect Valentine Wedding! Bride Walks Down The Aisle In Iro And Buba

Beautiful bride, Caroline and her groom Oluwatobi walked down the isle, on Sunday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day) donning traditional attire. Surprised? Well, it is not because the bride did not have a breathtaking wedding dress to wear. It was because of an overzealous videographer who was trying to do a perfect job.

The unique thing is that she still wore a veil with her traditional attire.

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The story is that one of the videographers in a bid to video a good angle of the bride’s exquisite wedding dress mistakenly hung Caroline’s gown on a burst emergency sprinkler on the ceiling and everywhere was flooded with dirty brown water. And literally it was about five minutes for Caroline to wear the dress she has cherished and protected just to walk down the aisle with the love of her life. But then, her lovely white wedding dress was ruined in a matter of seconds.
How would you feel if you were Carolina? Burst into tears, confused and heart broken right?  Well, as you can imagine, Caroline ‘cried, wept and almost passed out’ when her mum broke the news to her screaming, “Caroline, your dress is gone.” Her husband, Oluwatobi along with her friends tried to console her. Her mum and  husband immediately took her to a corner and said, “You have to be strong… Caroline’s mum reminded her that the devil was around trying to claim victory and instead of crying, they should think of a way to move forward.
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Caroline and her husband had to walk down the aisle in the Iro and buba and agbada they had planned to change into. During the wedding blessing, her husband whispered to her that her dress had been fixed as the hotel quickly called their dry cleaners to dry clean  her dress and in a few minutes, it was spotless – white again.
This is really interesting.
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Hippie! Caroline ended up wearing her wedding dress for the reception. And she looked really stunning. Really, what is a wedding without the bride in a breathtaking wedding dress?
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