Annie Idibia Threatens To ‘Scatter Everything’ As Tuface Flies Out Of Nigeria

Nigerian music legend, Tuface Idibia has left Nigeria for the United States amid the crisis rocking his marriage

Glamtush gathered that Tuface left after he got into a serious fight with Annie on Tuesday night.

Theis online platform learnt that “Tuface is on a flight right now to America after he got into a massive fight with Annie. His manager, Efe and his cousin packed some of his things, and right now, he’s on a plane.

“He’s not going to meet Pero, he has an apartment which is different from hers.

“He’s going away because of too much ‘wahala.”

According to him, Annie is insecure because Tuface gives priority to Pero who has two sons and a daughter for him and spends more time in Nigeria.

“Annie just had two girls but you know as an Idoma man it’s like Tuface is prioritizing Pero with the boys.”

The source added that the song which was released yesterday titled, ‘Searching’ was done by his manager to cash in on the controversy, as Efe is a typical businessman.

He refutes reports in some quarters that the crisis was a creation of the artiste to hype his music. ” The music released yesterday was the idea of his manager Efe to use the current crisis to sell the music. Efe is only interested in the music business. But the crisis is real.”

However, in the leaked voice note, released by an anonymous Instagram blogger, Annie was heard crying and threatening to create more problems.

She said, “I am going to scatter everything, nobody knows the wrath of an angry woman. I will ruin everything!! Hello Idibia Family, this is Annie. I was with my husband today, peaceful, nothing happened then my husband told me he has a shoot today, only for him to pack his things and his stup*d cousin, Frankie, helped him plan it.

“His family does not love me, they hate me, they’ve been giving me hell for 10 fuc**ing years.

“Today, my husband packed his things, he lied to me that he was going to shoot but my husband is on his way to America. It was planned by himself, Efe Omoregbe, and Frankie, all of this behind my back.

“I don’t deserve this, I don’t, I know this is not your business but I can’t call any member of his family. I can’t even call his manager, he will not even take my call because he thinks I’m the reason, he thinks I’m in his way, he thinks I’m his fucki*g way so he, Efe will never take my call.

“Innocent is on his way to America without telling me, without fuc**ing telling me, without telling me, he is going to see Pero in America and his other kids. Don’t move this car, park this car!! I am going right now on Instagram live, I’m done, I am done!”

Annie had called out the singer over alleged infidelity.

Although Tuface and Annie’s siblings have been involved in a row over the issue, the musician has maintained silence.

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