Australian Model, Ajak Deng Announces Her Return To Modelling Less Than One Week After Quitting Due To ‘Fakes And Lies’

Ajak Deng, a successful international 26-year-old Australian model, who announced that she was done with the industry some days ago via Instagram because she can no longer deal with the fakes and lies of the industry has also announced her return.

Deng wrote:

‘I was selfish to only think of my self [sic] and forgetting the people that has [sic] always been there for me through the worst times and good times. I feel like I have touched so many young people’s lives, gave them hope,’ she wrote.

‘Just because I come from NOTHING does not mean that I can’t make something for myself and for that I will still want to continued [sic] to touched [sic] more lives. Yes sure giving up is easier but who will fight the war that we are so in denial about?’

Deng spoke about her agent Mina White and said that she ‘continued to support and still have my back even though I decided to throw it all away after our hard work’ and labelled Ms White her ‘spirit and a guiding angel.’

She reflected on her first ‘season in Milan’ where nobody booked her because ‘they won’t booking [sic] black girls like me that season’ and explained how Ms White told her there was ‘absolutely nothing wrong with her’, wiped away her tears and brought her back to New York where they decided to ‘change their minds one day at a time.’

‘I am just getting started and modeling isn’t the only Thing I will be successful in, in my life time. I apologize to every kind souls/hearts [sic] that I have broken in the past week,’ Deng said.

‘I thought giving up was easier but I am going to stay and fight this war with kindness, forgiveness, love and support to all humanity.’

Also read Deng’s Instagram message a few days ago:


She has modelled for designers including Dior, Louis Vuitton and Jean Paul Gaultier and starred in campaigns for Topshop and Barneys.