Beauty: Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses

Who says women who wear glasses cannot look spot flawless makeup? Whatever shape of frame you opt for, you can also enhance your eyes beautifully with makeup.

Your makeup should conform with the colour and the shape of your eyeglass frames. If your glasses have thick, dark frames, you should opt for brighter makeup. And if you wear rimless glasses, you can choose whatever makeup type you desire.

Here is a simple and easy guide on how to do your makeup when wearing glasses like a pro.

Eyebrows: Eyebrows help to frame your face, so create a great shape and groom them regularly. For any sparse spots, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or shadow. Ensure you stick to more neutral colours on the lids to give your eyes a chance to stand out more behind the lenses

Don’t skip eyeliner: The easiest guide for applying eyeliner when wearing glasses is to gauge the level of thickness based on your frame. If your frame is thick, go thicker with the liner, and if it’s thin, then opt for a thin line. You can add drama to your eyeliner look by adding a little wing at the end.

maxresdefault Opt for bold lips: When it comes to your lips, the colour of your lipstick or lip gloss should be similar to the colour of your frames. If your frames are black or grey, try a cherry red or brighter pink colour. But, if they are coloured, it would be appropriate to stick with the same colour scheme and pick a lipstick which matches the colour of your frames. A bright or bold lip colour can add interest to a face that has been seen wearing mostly the same frames. It’s the easiest way to transform a face.

Mascara is essential: Wearing mascara is the best thing you can do when wearing glasses, because even if you don’t wear any other makeup on your eyes, mascara will enhance them. Apply two to three coats of mascara that will separate and also add volume to the lashes. If your eyes tend to water, only apply mascara to the top lashes instead of the bottom. This will keep your makeup from smearing.

Foundation: When you have glasses, it can be difficult for you to really make your eyes stand out, so, you need to invest in a great foundation that will highlight your complexion and show how flawless your skin looks.

Soften look with blush: Blush is essential to give life to your skin and enhance your look. So, whether you prefer a powder or cream formula, adding blush to the apples of the cheeks is a great way to soften your over-all makeup look, while enhancing cheekbones and adding highlight. Apply blush starting with the apples of your cheeks and apply blush in an upward motion using a blush brush, until you get the desired shade that you want.

Wearing glasses is really sexy especially when it suits your face. They make you look feminine so you should never be afraid to experiment with different your looks!