Betty Irabor Shares Her Miscarriage Experience

Betty Irabor Shares Her Miscarriage Experience




Publisher and media personality, Betty Irabor, has shared her horrible experience after suffering a miscarriage and another near miscarriage.

Recounting her ordeal on Thursday in a tweet on her Twitter handle, Irabor said she felt it was necessary to share her experience and reach out to ladies who have gone through the same unfortunate situation.

The media personality advised ladies with the same experience to try to free themselves of guilt and not feel like they brought any misfortune on themselves so that they can heal.

She tweeted, “I have had a miscarriage & a near miscarriage  & the experience is bloody nasty.

“Sometimes you blame yourself for what you could or should have done differently.

“The guilt consumes you. Truth is, It’s not your fault. You didn’t bring it upon urself.

“Try & set urself free from the guilt so you can begin to heal.”

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